Drug allergies: uncommon, but not rare

When taking a drug, alongside the desired therapeutic effects, one may experience one or more discomforts related to characteristic and non-eliminable side actions of the active ingredients it contains or

World Aids Day: don’t let your guard down

The prevalence of HIV infection has declined significantly in recent years, while the therapies available to combat it have increased, becoming more effective and better tolerated. This has enabled people

How to protect the health of the kidney

I due reni elaborano tutto quello che mangiamo o beviamo, compresi i medicinali, gli integratori e tutto ciò che può farci male. LE 10 REGOLE Prevention is the only effective

Consequences of job stress in health care

In health care, job stress can take on particular characteristics in relation to the specific professionalism required. Occupational stress can depend on: medical error, work injury, work conflict, impairment of

Separated parents and the holiday season

The Christmas vacation season, with the array of decorations and advertising icons and all the rhetoric of family and good feelings that accompany them, can prove at times and for some a kind of emotional "trap."

Omega-3: some doubt about the benefits

Celebrated for about two decades as an extraordinary means of preventing cardiovascular disease (to the point of being prescribed as a true prophylactic therapy after a heart attack) and as

Stop for a moment: the starting point

If you are not fit there is no opportunity for growth, in fact every individual needs to stop, to regain strength and thoughts. Today’s society seems to be pushing for

Vaccines, it is alarm throughout Italy


The situation in Italy regarding the
almost in all regions there is less than 95 percent coverage, a threshold that does not guarantee herd immunity. The past few days have seen yet another outbreak, this time of measles, at Bari Children’s Hospital. “Since 2006, prophylaxis has been steadily declining in Italy, and coverage is not as a developed country. In 2016 the measles vaccination rate was lower than Ghana and Sierra Leone. In Mexico there are no indigenous cases of measles, recently there have been three infections, all Italian patients,” says Professor Roberto Burioni, a renowned immunologist who has received press attention for his fight against the no vax movement.

Data in hand, in Italy, only in Lazio has exceeded the safe threshold with 95.3 percent prophylaxis against the exanthematous disease, while in other regions the percentage stands at 90 percent, not counting areas that support the movement no vax: “The worst, unbelievably, is the province of Bolzano, where, moreover, health care is well organized. Then there are areas where no vax people are particularly vibrant, such as Rimini and Pesaro, where activists scare parents,” says Dr. Burioni. It happened to see a small plane with an “Everyone in school, freedom of choice” banner flying over the beaches of Romagna in support of an anti-vaccine campaign.

“When attention is slackened on some infectious diseases and only revived in cases of death, it is not a good sign. We reiterated in the Health Commission hearing that easing the vaccination requirement at this stage is a mistake. So better to leave it and then, as the law requires, reevaluate in light of the results, but only when we are safe. And now we are not.”, Ricciardi argues.

Confirming this are the numbers: each year about 1 percent of parents do not vaccinate their children, so that creates 80 to 100 thousand children who will not perform prophylaxis by choice. As Dr. Burioni has already mentioned, the vaccine situation is tragic in some cities, such as Bolzano, where there is only 71 percent coverage for measles, 85 percent for polio and diphtheria, and only 67 percent for anti-meningococcal C. Several South Tyrolean parents wanted to enroll their children at Austrian schools to escape prophylaxis. “We need to make it mandatory and make people understand that not vaccinating endangers their children and also those close to them.”


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Mumps is an acute generalized viral infection, mainly affecting school-age children and adolescents. A disease is widespread throughout the world, and humans are the only natural hosts. A carrier state

Head trauma

A head injury, also called “concussion” in medical terms, consists of the violent collision of the head against a hard surface or, conversely, of a blunt object against the cranial


Goiter corresponds to the more or less bulky, protruding swelling that appears in the central anterior part of the neck mainly in people who are iodine-deficient for prolonged periods, due


Cutaneous mycoses are a fairly large and diverse group of dermatologic conditions determined by the colonization of the epidermis by microorganisms such as Malassezia furur (responsible for pityriasis versicolor), dermatophyte

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or “atopic eczema” is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, associated with pruritus, that typically begins in the early years of life, then persisting throughout the pediatric years and

Cardiac Echodoppler

The echocardiogram, also known as echocardiography, is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the use of ultrasound, which is quick and easy to perform, harmless, painless, and low-cost, and because

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in the female population everywhere, albeit with different prevalence depending on geographic area, ethnicity, and lifestyle habits, and accounts for about 30% of

Intestinal polyposis

Polyps are abnormal growths of tissue protruding to a mucous tonaca; they are pathological growths that, in the intestines, form especially in the colon and rectum. For the most part,


Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, a tubular formation that is part of the large intestine, which in the past was not given a specific purpose; however, its role

Bullous epidermolysis

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) corresponds to a group of rare and disabling genetic diseases characterized by the appearance of blisters and lesions on the skin and in the inner mucous membranes,

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