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The clothing to avoid in case of Cellulite


When talking about Cellulite prevention, in addition to dwelling with reason on dietary habits, exercise and lifestyle, one must also dwell on one of the aspects of daily life that as well can affect an improvement or worsening of the condition.
There are garments that women wear every day.
Alongside those that claim to prevent or treat cellulite such as special stockings and pantyhose, there are others that can accentuate it.
When underwear is very tight it can hinder easy blood circulation, and the obvious proof is the marks found on the skin.
Underwear that is too tight can promote increased Cellulite, even skinny type jeans or other undersized clothing constricts the middle part of the body.
Panties, skirts, and pants should be chosen carefully, preferring comfort over appearance or more fashionable, but not only that, shoes should also not be tight, nor should they be too high-heeled, forcing uncomfortable positions that cause stagnation in circulation.
Belts that are too tight at the waist are also inadvisable if you want to treat the effects of cellulite.

In short, all clothing, costumes, shorts, T-shirts, underwear should be chosen comfortable to prevent Cellulite and its damage.

Since cellulite is caused by the distribution of the fat cells and deposits under the skin, a proper strength-training and exercise regimen will also do wonders to reduce its appearance; and, from a purely aesthetic point of view, a good self-tanner and other body shapers will help visibly improve cellulite blemishes.

Spanx, an American underwear company focused on shaping briefs and leggings, is by far best suited to solve cellulite problems, providing a smoother than honey appearance under almost any type of clothing.
This type of tight-fitting under wear has become the best way to sculpt and slim all kinds of blemishes.

If you think leggings are banned because you have more cellulite than you would prefer, then we have some good news for you.
Not all leggings are created equal, and there are a number of options that do not show all skin dimples. However, you may have to invest a few more dollars in a higher quality pair to ensure that the level of fabric thickness and support you need is there.
And, as a general rule, it’s always best to go with black or a darker shade for your leggings if you’re trying to get the maximum potential for cellulite coverage. Lighter shades are less forgiving when coverage is the goal.

You may have a love-hate relationship with summer, just because it means it’s time to shake the dreaded bathing suit in all its glory.
If you feel uncomfortable about cellulite problems, your swimsuit does not have to be your worst enemy.
No, you probably shouldn’t opt for a tiny bikini, a boy shorts bikini is a fun (and fashionable) way to go to the beach, it also provides some coverage for the buttocks and upper thighs. Skirted swimsuits are another option, although it can be a little harder to find one that doesn’t look too mummy.
Look for a sophisticated solid color with clean lines or a Greek-inspired draped dress with a more fitted wrap skirt for the most modern and sexy interpretation. And, of course, sarongs and bikini wraps are always a good way to easily and effectively cover the affected areas.

Pattern players:
So, you don’t always have to stick to what some of you might see as basic, or even boring, when playing hide-and-seek with your cellulite. While lighter, solid colors can be tricky, some prints and patterns can be your friend, working in your favor to disguise dimples. Bold and challenging graphics such as geometrics, ikats and flowers can all be good distractions, drawing attention away from problem areas.

All black:
When it comes to hiding cellulite, black is ideal not only for leggings, but also for pants, skirts and dresses.
Color is commonly known to slim and flatter all body types and, as a result, works wonders in smoothing out any irregularities, especially in the hip and butt area.
If you are wearing something that is remotely fitted, that is, anything that fits your figure perfectly, it will look best on you in black.

OK, we know what you’re thinking: pantyhose? There is no way! But, before you completely rule out the nylon effect, remember that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, almost single-handedly brought the look of nude tights back into play for many fashionistas.
They have both a slimming and smoothing effect, especially those of the control-top variety, which can tone and trim the hips, buttocks and legs, whether you wear a mini skirt or a mini dress.
In addition, the nude variety has an instant light tanning effect that evens out skin tone and further conceals cellulite, without the need for a self-tanner.


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