Bacterial infections and international travel

Having to undertake a trip, whether for business or leisure, it is necessary to gather detailed information about the places one intends to visit, considering the map of countries where the risk of exposure to "traveler's diseases" is highest.

Insulin reaction

An insulin reaction occurs when a person with diabetes injects too much insulin, or eats too little after taking insulin. Such a reaction can cause the following symptoms: staggering, poor

Gas colic

Gas colic is defined as an acute, benign event that affects about 50% of infants (most often in the first 6 weeks of life).

Air conditioned and cooled Yes, frozen No!

Although the benefits of air conditioning are unquestionable, a number of disadvantages or contraindications have also become apparent over the past few decades, resulting from the increasingly widespread use of air conditioning in rooms and people's habits.

Sleep apnea, effects on sexuality

People suffering from sleep apnea look for possible solutions, worn out by the resulting consequences that significantly affect their quality of life.

How to help the body regrow bone tissue


For the first time, scientists have been able to study how well synthetic bone grafts withstand the stresses they receive during the daily lives of patients to whom they are implanted, and how quickly they help bone regrowth and repair.
The team in question, which examined in microscopic detail what takes place between the graft and the bone, was coordinated by Gianluca Tozzi, one of the many “brains” that have fled abroad, who after graduating from the University of Bologna is now director of the Zeiss Global Centre at the University of Portsmouth (UK). The researcher hopes the result will help find ways to improve the body’s ability to regrow its own bones and enable orthopedic surgeons to predict the success of a synthetic graft.
Every three seconds,” Tozzi explained to ScienceDaily. A person incurs a fracture due to bone fragility. In addition to breaking easily, brittle bones are also more difficult to repair, especially when the defect area is large. It is vital to understand what happens at that interface where the bone meets the graft, because then we can better engineer the sophisticated materials used. Bones are very complex biological tissues, and a synthetic bone substitute must have specific requirements to allow blood flow and encourage new bone growth.”.

New generation synthetic grafts have the potential to be resorbed by the body over time, allowing gradual bone regeneration at the site where the defect is, but biomaterials that degrade too quickly do not give enough time for new bone to grow, and those that degrade too slowly can cause mechanical instability at the implant site.
The team succeeded in the feat thanks to a device, located in the Zeiss Global Centre, that performs a special X-ray tomography (synchrotron X-ray computed tomography – SR-XCT): “In this way,” said Tozzi, “we can predict the clinical outcome of biomaterials in a living body, significantly improving our knowledge.

Peña Fernández M, Dall’Ara E et al. Full-Field Strain Analysis of Bone-Biomaterial Systems Produced by the Implantation of Osteoregenerative Biomaterials in an Ovine Model. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2019 5 (5), 2543-2554.


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Chickenpox to date remains the most prevalent vaccine-preventable disease in our country. It is transmitted airborne, person-to-person, through Pflugge droplets or by direct contact with skin lesions of patients with


Gonorrhea is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) worldwide, in both sexes, starting as early as adolescence; if not recognized and treated appropriately quickly, it can lead

Herpes simplex

Herpes simplex is a disorder of an infectious nature caused by the virus of the same name (Herpes simplex virus – HSV type 1 or 2) and characterized by the


Hemorrhoids are vascular structures of the anus and lower rectum that serve to maintain fecal continence. If they become swollen or inflamed, they become pathological and cause a syndrome known


Cellulite is an inflammatory-based alteration of the fat-rich subcutaneous tissue(panniculus adiposus), triggered by fluid stagnation due to poor venous and lymphatic circulation (lymph is a fluid that flows in channels


The term dermatitis refers to a fairly heterogeneous group of skin diseases, largely characterized by more or less pronounced inflammation and induced by a wide variety of causes (irritation, allergic


Furunculosis is a dermatitis characterized by the presence of clusters of furuncles that tend to develop on the neck, buttocks, face and arms. It is generally due to skin infection

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or “atopic eczema” is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, associated with pruritus, that typically begins in the early years of life, then persisting throughout the pediatric years and


Angiomas, also called “hemangiomas,” are benign vascular malformations involving arterial or venous capillaries and can affect anywhere on the body, but they tend to appear most often on the skin

Milky crust

Milk scab, technically referred to as “neonatal seborrheic dermatitis” or pityriasis capitis, is a transient and essentially harmless dermatologic disorder that affects the scalp of many infants and infants.

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