Time change: the effects on the gut

The transition from daylight saving time to daylight saving time and vice versa causes some transient discomfort for many people, especially in terms of resynchronization of sleep-wake rhythms and mealtimes,


Constipation (i.e., constipation) is an alteration of the alvus characterized by frequent, difficult and apparently incomplete emission of stools of increased consistency.

Alcohol consumption in adolescents

Families, schools and other institutions, no matter how much educational efforts they make in drawing behavioral lines and spreading a culture of prevention, fail to curb adolescent alcohol consumption.

Infertility in the life of a couple

When we talk about infertility, it is impossible not to talk about couples as well. This is mainly because infertility is both a symptom and a problem of the couple

Mycosis: the fungi of the skin

Mycoses are infections generated by fungi that, like bacteria, can reproduce in the human body. Specifically addressed below are the benign type forms, which, often, do not present any symptoms

Chromotherapy: the importance of colors for a person’s mental and physical well-being


Colors have always been a part of all people’s lives. Some fascinate us, such as those that artists pour onto their canvases in the creation of their masterpieces, others frighten us, such as the color of blood that we cannot but relate back to physical pain, and still others manage to soothe us, such as the green of an immense expanse of lawn or the soft blue of the sky. But what else can we say about colors ?

In response to this question, chromotherapy, or the science that deals with the meaning of colors and how and to what extent they influence the activities of the human mind, was born. The areas in which color therapy works are many: food (the color of various foods), clothing, personal care (more and more often we hear about spas offering showers with color therapy) and even on home furnishings. In fact, color and color graduation play an important role in the lives of individuals, with strong repercussions on our mood. So let’s find out what the main colors of the light spectrum are and what effects they have on our bodies.


Red has always been regarded as the color of fire, blood and sexual excitement. It is related to strength, vitality and passion. In fact, it has been shown that painting the walls of a home red can increase blood pressure and accelerate the heart rate. It is also used in color therapy to combat burns and rash disease, as well as for asthma, depression, and impotence.


Blue is the opposite color to red, and is contrasted with it because of its calming, soothing and refreshing effect (clear reference to water). For this reason, blue is used to combat phenomena such as stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is also believed, although this is obviously not scientifically proven, that blue is also useful against inflammation of various parts of the body, depending on its different shades.


Green is obviously the symbol of nature, plants and trees. It thus represents the sense of harmony and balance of existence, but it has also always been associated with the feeling of hope. According to proponents of color therapy, green would have positive effects on the nervous system by calming migraines and nerve-related diseases, as well as spreading a general feeling of harmony and calm.


According to chromotherapists, yellow would represent the intellectual part of the brain. Its benefits would include aiding concentration (useful for study and work), but it would also be able to instill joy, a sense of protection and happiness.

Clearly, it should be pointed out that in the color therapy approach, there is nothing scientifically proven to prove the actual beneficial contribution that colors would have on our health. However, it remains interesting and fascinating to learn about and observe this particular methodology aimed at patient care.


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Heart failure (acute)

Acute Heart Failure (AHF) is a potentially life-threatening clinical condition that can result from the worsening of an already diagnosed chronic heart failure (heart failure) or represent its onset event.


The term dermatitis refers to a fairly heterogeneous group of skin diseases, largely characterized by more or less pronounced inflammation and induced by a wide variety of causes (irritation, allergic


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Endometrial cancer

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Genital herpes

Genital herpes is the most common sexually transmitted infectious disease characterized by ulceration in the population. It can affect both men and women (more often), is transmitted by direct contact

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