Stress as a source of survival

Very often in work contexts it is possible for uncomfortable situations to arise, also related to mental illness. This negatively affects the worker’s well-being through increased cigarette consumption or alcohol

Self-esteem and personal growth

Each individual’s self-perception is the ultimate expression of personality maturation. Self-esteem, therefore, is related to personality. Estimating oneself positively meets the need for psychological stability, which ensures adequate confrontation with

We walk half an hour

Good weather encourages outdoor physical activity. If you want to engage inbasic motor activity, such as a simple walk, just devoting a half hour a day, even if every other

INFLUENZA: maximum peak coming up

More than 7 million Italians have been bedridden in recent weeks because of infuenza, which seems to be very aggressive indeed this year. As always, those most affected are the

Teaching first aid techniques in Italian schools will start in September


There is great excitement about the implementation of the legislation, provided for in the Good School law, on teaching the main first aid techniques in all schools nationwide. This is an extremely important initiative as it could enable the saving of numerous lives, both in school and in everyday life. Knowing, in fact, what the main life-saving techniques are can help us in many daily situations, both in terms of recognizing on one’s own body worrisome signs that indicate the imminent manifestation of a certain pathology (heart attack is certainly among them), and in rushing to the aid of a family member, relative or unknown individual (in the case of a sick person in the street) to the point of even saving his or her life.

The initiative was entrusted by the Miur to Mario Balzanelli, president of Sis 118, who defines the path taken as, “A great cultural operation, which sees Italy at the top in the world and pink jersey for the initiative concerning lessons to kindergarten children.” Before starting with lessons throughout Italy, an experiment was carried out, as is appropriate in such cases, involving several schools throughout Italy, belonging to different levels of education. The results have been extremely positive and encouraging-so much so that, fortunately, the service will be expanded nationwide.

The trial

The experimental classes were held in several cities in Italy (Taranto, Vibo Valentia, Sassari, Salerno, Campobasso, Latina, Pistoia, Perugia, Macerata, Savona, Sondrio, Padua, and Trieste) and were enthusiastically received by both the pupils, some older and some less so, and the teachers and all school staff. At the end of the course, estimates speak of about 4,500 students involved. According to the predetermined schedule, the youngest children, i.e., those in kindergartens, were taught to recognize the greatest dangers to their person and to alert adults or call 911. As they grow older, children’s skills also increase; in fact, in elementary school students learned how to recognize a heart attack and practice cardiac massage, as well as study the main maneuvers for removing an external body from the airway. In middle school, however, they worked on artificial respiration, first aid in case of bleeding, and how to treat burn wounds. Finally, the older children learned how to use a defibrillator, open the airway, stabilize the neck, immobilize limbs, and, more generally, saw in detail how to medicate an injury.

This is a really fruitful path, according to Balzanelli’s own words in fact, “With this project on life-saving maneuvers taught to young people, 5 million students and 800,000 teachers and Ata staff will be trained. Each year with Maturity, 500,000 young people will leave schools able to use a defibrillator and with a Blsd certificate.” Important numbers and that could help save number of lives.


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Strabismus is an ocular condition characterized by misalignment of the eyes and, therefore, of the left and right visual fields, which can occur in the first 6 months after birth


Heartburn is nothing more than the common “heartburn,” which sometimes may occur occasionally but in other cases tends to recur until it becomes chronic, with periods of remission alternating with


Candida Albicans and other related species can result in different types of infections. Cutaneous candidiasis include the condition of eroded skin between the toes, balanines the mycosis of the nails,

Ocular tumors

Ocular tumors are rare neoplasms that can affect both adults and children and can significantly impair vision (to the point of blindness) and quality of life, as well as shorten


Diverticula are small pockets that can form in the lining of the digestive system. They usually occur more frequently in the lower part of thelarge intestine (colon). Diverticula are common,


Cutaneous mycoses are a fairly large and diverse group of dermatologic conditions determined by the colonization of the epidermis by microorganisms such as Malassezia furur (responsible for pityriasis versicolor), dermatophyte

Strains and muscle tears

In ascending order of severity, a muscle may be affected by a contracture, stretch, or tear. In the former the muscle tissue contracts, in the latter it is overstretched, and

Respiratory failure

A condition of “respiratory failure” is present when the respiratory system is unable to ensure efficient gas exchanges through the lungs, preventing the maintenance of an adequate balance between oxygen


The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part

Panic attack

What is meant by a panic attack? It is understood as the sudden manifestation of a strong fear accompanied by an equally intense physical symptomatology despite the absence of an

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