Pollution and health: new evidence of harm

After decades of underestimating the unfavorable effects of pollution on human health, studies and evidence on the subject have been multiplying for some years now, unfortunately all of them directed

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Microplastics in water: a lurking danger

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Knowing how to unplug from work during the vacations

It is important to remember that relaxation and self-care are not just luxuries: they are essential to avoid negative consequences, such as discomfort, discomfort, or slipping into a particular condition such as what has been termed burn-out.

Stress at work: a small daily break is the key to better sleep


Work days are often synonymous with stress and tension for us. The morning runs so as not to be late, the traffic that punctually stops us every day, the worst shift that could happen to us, the boss who constantly puts us under pressure, not to mention the many unforeseen events and problems that we may encounter during our daily work routine. What should be of concern is that this whole series of stressful situations and negative thoughts often turn into health problems that should not be neglected because they are dangerous to the well-being of our bodies.

The main problem is insomnia and interrupted sleep, which can make our nights a nightmare, taking away our ability to get the best rest to face, the next day, a new “battle” in the workplace. However, there are a whole range of activities that can avert this scenario. In fact, it would be appropriate, after a busy day at work, to devote a few moments to oneself to perform an activity that can “evaporate” the accumulated stress, allowing us then to rest peacefully during the night. These activities can be both relaxing such as yoga, meditation, reading, listening to music but also more challenging activities such as sports or a simple walk. In this way we will get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and can regain energy while sleeping.

The research: Stress at work

Supporting this view is research conducted by Oakland University, USA, published in the
Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
. The study looked at about 700 individuals, employees of the U.S. Forest Service. They were asked questions pertaining to their work routines, problems and misunderstandings they faced in the workplace, unpleasant situations, and negative events. They were then asked if they engaged in any kind of non-work activities and if they suffered from insomnia. Workers’ responses showed that employees who do not engage in any kind of activity other than work and who often find themselves in unpleasant situations during the work routine suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders. In contrast, workers who engage in some hobby or sport after work are instead able to sleep more peacefully and face the workday with more positivity.

According to the study’s principal director, Caitlin Demsky, “In our competitive and fast-paced professional world, it is more important than ever for workers to be in the best condition to succeed, and a good night’s sleep is the key to doing that.” Therefore, one can understand how important it is to be able to get the best rest, especially since the long-term consequences of such a condition can adversely affect our body’s health.


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