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Water sports

We have now reached the height of summer. Temperatures are beginning to rise relentlessly and the heat is beginning to take its toll, especially on those who practice sports. Running,

RMA: a right for all?

This article is and is intended to be a stone provocatively thrown into the sea of Medically Assisted Reproduction to raise doubts and questions. In this field there is an

Methods of poisoning: antidepressant drugs

Today patients with antidepressant drug overdose. represent a large portion. The pharmacological properties of the antidepressants are multiple and include interference with release of adrenaline at the level of brain

Esketamine: the new depression drug approved in the U.S.


A new drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (Fda) a nasal spray, based on esketamine, a ketamine derivative, that appears to relieve symptoms of depression. Some experts appeared skeptical about the new drug.

The nasal spray

The government agency approved the esketamine-based spray. It part of the anesthetic ketamine molecule that appears to act within hours already, so it may then become the first fast-acting depression drug available on the U.S. market.

Mixed opinions

Opinions in the medical community immediately appeared mixed and were soon divided: some welcomed the arrival of the new depression drug and others expressed doubts and skepticism about the substance.

Most critics argued that the new drug was approved too quickly and, more importantly, not taking into account the high risk of abuse of the substance, which is sometimes misused as a drug with psychedelic effects.


In fact, it is not only a drug but also a drug. In fact, ketamine is certainly an anesthetic drug, but it is also simultaneously a hard drug, which is why caution should be exercised and the public should be warned about potential abuse.

The ability to administer esketamine via a nasal spray does not imply that patients will be able to use it independently. In fact, the drug will be available only in certified clinics in which patients can be followed and monitored by physicians , a decision by the Fda that surely aims to significantly reduce the risk of abuse and addiction.

The economic aspect should also be considered since one course of treatment will cost about $7,000 .

Quick effect

The new drug , developed by the pharmaceutical company Janssen, unlike most of the antidepressants available, whose desired effects can take as long as 4-6 weeks therapeutic time , is able to act in a few hours and will be directed only to patients in whom other therapies have not been successful.


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