Physical signs of anxiety

It starts as a state of mind but often ‘anxiety is accompanied by actual symptoms. Anxiety can raise the glycemic index, expose you more easily to the flu, and even

Bacterial infections and international travel

Having to undertake a trip, whether for business or leisure, it is necessary to gather detailed information about the places one intends to visit, considering the map of countries where the risk of exposure to "traveler's diseases" is highest.

A healthy diet against depression (preview)

A recent article published in the journal The Lancet, titled “Nutritional Psychiatric: where to next?” hypothesizes a direct relationship between nutrition and depression in the individual. In fact, according to

What are the causes of hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the HCV virus. The route of transmission is through direct contact with the blood of someone already infected with the virus. The

The Influence of Morality and Religion on Female Sexuality.


In most countries of the world, with few exceptions, popular beliefs first and religions later, over the centuries have placed the female sexuality in a bubble made of mystery, myth, desire and danger, according to a pattern that saw the female as life-giving but also as a source of sin and perdition.
Probably, from the earliest times, the overpowering struggles among males for the conquest of the female, the mystery of birth, and the propitiatory fertility rites have ended up isolating and mythologizing the female by placing her in a world apart, and making her sexuality sacred as a harbinger of life but also dark and dangerous as the source of uncontrolled pleasure and loss of spirit, something to be kept at bay and above all to be subdued.

In the path of civilizations, rituals turned into organized religions made up of priestly castes and pyramidal organizations of power over peoples.
Religions, in the wake of ancient tribal beliefs, have also placed a veil over female sexuality, exerting tight control within communities.
The great monotheistic religions then legislated by drawing up behavioral rules, prohibitions, prescriptions, and even doctrinal theories, placing a clear separation between the sexes and in fact subjugating female sexuality.

Not many studies have been produced on the relationship between sexuality and religion, but over time some principles appear to be established.
Religious people are known to be discouraged with respect to an early approach with respect to the beginning of a sex life.
Consideration should be given to how each individual assimilates religious doctrine into his or her life and how much the latter may influence sexual behavior according to what the creed prescribes.
Some sexual practices, such as masturbation or even non-reproductive sex, are condemned by many religions. In this whole scenario both heterosexuality and homosexuality appear to be significantly conditioned.
Unfortunately, strong religious conditioning, where men and women repress or modify their sexual impulses by virtue of their religious upbringing, can cause psychological conflicts and sexual behavior unsuitable for proper psychophysical balance.
Negative experiences, guilt, emotional disturbances, psychological problems, and real pathological conditions ensue, often leading couples to wreck their relationships and, paradoxically, increasing divorces and conditions of promiscuous sex lives.

Women, not releasing their desire because of constant thoughts of guilt or shame, do not follow up on their urges, but rather restrain them until they no longer feel any arousal, and remain unresponsive in sexual intercourse until complete anorgasmia.
Anorgasmia can then become an open avenue for various dysfunctions of the gynecological sphere, such as dyspareunia, disorders of the emotional sphere such as anxiety, depression, and finally in the sphere of couple relationships be a cause of conflicts and family problems.


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