Over-the-counter drugs: are you using too many?

” Over-the-counter” or OTC (short for Over-The-Counter) drugs are valuable remedies to alleviate many common, annoying but not serious ailments that can occasionally occur in daily life, without having to

Antacid drugs: could promote allergies

A few weeks ago, some antacid drugs used to Relieve heartburn, dyspepsia and/or gastroesophageal reflux disease have raised some alarm over the presence of impurities in some batches, Promptly withdrawn

Medications: mistakes to avoid

Some would never want to take them; others would want a pill to cure every ailment and would not leave home without an emergency kit in their bag. In few

Omega-3: some doubt about the benefits

Celebrated for about two decades as an extraordinary means of preventing cardiovascular disease (to the point of being prescribed as a true prophylactic therapy after a heart attack) and as

Questions about lesser-known practical aspects of vaccination

Here are some examples that report very common questions among parents about vaccination for their children.
My son is 13 years old and has his vaccination booster on June 1: is it the case
Have him do the papilloma virus one as well? (I would keep it, heh)
– Yes, if the center allows it
I was wondering, since there is some misinformation about it, if there are any
special contraindications for children prone to allergies, and in case, for
what types of allergies you need to proceed with caution!
– Only severe allergy sufferers require special precautions (for example, with the vaccines containing traces of gelatin), which more often than not result in.
In protected site vaccination. A small minority of children do not
can also be vaccinated in a protected environment and benefits from the
ground protection.
I would like to get information about the new meningitis vaccine and whether those who have done
The unique one more than 10 years ago should do it again.
– The latest vaccine released on meningitis covers meningococcal B and is now included in vaccinations to be given to newborns. For comprehensive protection coverage against serogroups A, C, W135 and Y is also appropriate
What does a doctor respond to when faced with side effects that I read about a
Lombardy region circular addressed to doctors “child paralysis ”
“brain damage “? What is the rate of this collateral damage?
In the circular as the last collateral damage was … death of the child …. but
I don’t want to believe it.
– Vaccines, like drugs, can give rise to side effects even
serious and unforeseeable. The incidence data are the result of reports
from the local area and can be found at They must
be read with caution, however (for example, for a combination vaccine the
individual components are included among the undesirable effects). It is always
appropriate to consult with your pediatrician and be clear that the logic
of vaccinations is that of cost-effectiveness, just as
an insurance policy involves, yes, a cost, but it offers enormous advantages in
case of need.
I would like to know more about the papilloma virus vaccine, if there is a
casuistry and at what age to do it, and whether we should inform ourselves or whether like other vaccines
we are contacted by the ASL.
– Not all ASLs routinely send the summons, which, moreover, could
also not to be received in case of postal mismatch. Instead, it is appropriate that the parents, with the vaccination calendar in hand, directly request
information to the area vaccination center. Regarding HPV in the finds a wealth of authoritative information.
My daughter has to do it in a year, and honestly if it was also for adults I would do it too
– HPV exposure follows a behavioral risk profile. Nothing
would prohibit vaccination (privately) at any age, but it makes sense to
protect individuals who are not yet sexually active.
For the Lombardy region, so far papilloma virus vaccination is
provided for girls between the ages of 11 and 12 (notice home by letter).
Although it has now been extended to males in all regions of Italy with the
new Vaccine Plan, the vaccination centers in Milan that I contacted did not
they carry out. It needs to be done privately. Where and at what price I have not yet understood.
– The vaccination plan takes a few months to be applied to
regime. Vaccines can also be given privately, in some
Co-payment cases where not yet available or outside the
stipulated age limits.
A boy and his family are against vaccines because they argue that a vaccine
caused type 1 diabetes in his older brother. Thank you
– Type 1 diabetes recognizes a clear familiarity and is believed to be triggered by
A nonspecific viral infection. There is no evidence that vaccines can
trigger it, regardless of the fact that if a child is genetically
predisposed, with the frequency of the community runs a high risk not
Otherwise avoidable.
I would be interested to know what vaccines are recommended for adults today
(hepatitis?) and which recalls (tetanus shot?).
– For adults, vaccines should be remembered in case of travel/stay in areas
endemic (for example, there is an ongoing hepatitis A epidemic in Apulia), the
dTPa to be recalled every 10 years (or during pregnancy), and the vaccine against
pneumonia and zoster after age 64.


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