Antacid drugs: could promote allergies

A few weeks ago, some antacid drugs used to Relieve heartburn, dyspepsia and/or gastroesophageal reflux disease have raised some alarm over the presence of impurities in some batches, Promptly withdrawn

Methods of poisoning: antidepressant drugs

Today patients with antidepressant drug overdose. represent a large portion. The pharmacological properties of the antidepressants are multiple and include interference with release of adrenaline at the level of brain

Medications: mistakes to avoid

Some would never want to take them; others would want a pill to cure every ailment and would not leave home without an emergency kit in their bag. In few

How to protect the health of the kidney

I due reni elaborano tutto quello che mangiamo o beviamo, compresi i medicinali, gli integratori e tutto ciò che può farci male. LE 10 REGOLE Prevention is the only effective

Goodbye fillings? Gel that regrows nail polish discovered

Enamel, the protective layer on the outside of the teeth, is the hardest biological tissue in the human body; however, too much sugar and poor dental hygiene can cause plaque to accumulate in the mouth, and the accompanying bacteria release acids that can destroy it. When tooth enamel is damaged, it does not grow back: this results in the formation of those cavities-caries-that need to be filled by a dentist.
But now, researchers from China’s Zhejiang and Xiamen Universities have discovered a way to regrow human tooth enamel, a technique they hope will one day be used by dentists to repair teeth. They essentially made use of two minerals, calcium and phosphorus, which are two key components of natural enamel, and incorporated it into a special gel.
As a first test, the Chinese team layered the gel on a surface quite similar to dental enamel, consisting of crystalline hydroxyapatite, and the result was as hoped: calcium phosphate particles in the gel in the form of small bunches (clusters) fused with the material.
The next step involved the use of laboratory-available human teeth to which the researchers intentionally damaged the enamel with acid and then covered them with the gel. The teeth were then placed in containers that mimicked the physicochemical conditions found inside the human mouth for 48 hours. The results of this second experiment were also surprisingly positive: in this short period, the substance had formed an albeit very thin layer of coating similar to natural enamel, with similar strength and resistance characteristics. Even in microscopic analysis, the researchers could see that the coating had a crystal structure similar to the enamel that covers our teeth. Although the layer was very thin, the authors explained that it can be thickened simply by applying the gel several times.
Clearly, the road to application is still a long one, involving testing in animal models and eventually in humans, but its potential is great and perhaps could revolutionize the way we treat tooth decay, potentially eliminating the need for fillings.
Shao C, Jin B, et al. Repair of tooth enamel by a biomimetic mineralization frontier ensuring epitaxial growth. Science Advances Aug 30, 2019: Vol. 5, no. 8, eaaw9569.


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