The enemies of sexual desire

Because of its characteristics, sexual desire is a delicate structure that does not tolerate external disturbing factors.

Sexual relations in the time of Covid 19

The guidelines adopted to reduce the risk of Covid 19 infection limit interpersonal contacts, also affecting sexual life. Although Covid-19 is not classifiable as a sexually transmitted disease. All this causes effects in people's sexual habits.

Psychosomatic itching

Itching can sometimes be psychosomatic in nature, caused by severe states of anxiety or stress. Psychosomatic itching is localized to a specific location on the body, not resulting from internal

The revolution of the adolescent self

As we know, adolescence is an extremely vibrant and fruitful phase of human development in which the line between normality and pathology becomes difficult to draw.

Sleep apnea, effects on sexuality

People suffering from sleep apnea look for possible solutions, worn out by the resulting consequences that significantly affect their quality of life.

The brain of the pregnant woman

The traditional biomedical conception of pregnancy examines the mother-child exchange in a unidirectional sense, from mother to child. Biological changes that medicine records go in the aforementioned direction: increased iron


There is a lot of talk about burnout, a highly topical phenomenon in the world of work, in companies, but also in other contexts.The term “burnout” originated in the 1940s

No more alibis for excluding books and culture from daily life


Traveling by train, instead of compulsively devoting ourselves only to our cell phones, we can also do other things, just as we did in the pre-telephone era. Even writing a novel (the first one!) and having it published by a major publishing house like Mondadori. Ludovico Paganelli teaches us., 40 years old to be turned in a few days, a job as a bank executive and many hobbies, as well as commuting for love between Milan and Santa Margherita Ligure for several years: an opportunity he made the most of to bring to life an intriguing detective story set in the Lombard capital of the present day, a volume just released in bookstores throughout Italy.

The plot of “The Seed of Violence”

For nearly thirteen years, Margot Blanchard, a young and charming police commissioner in Milan’s Piazza San Sepolcro, has successfully steered clear of the shadows that threaten to obscure a hard-won happiness, crowned by a dream of rising to the top of the Police Force and a happy marriage that gave her a beautiful baby girl, Isabelle. But even for her, the time to settle accounts with the past seems to have come inexorably. It’s Christmas Eve in the year of Expo and a man is stabbed to death in Piazza degli Affari. That night the streets around the historic center are deserted and there are no witnesses. She is called upon to investigate the case herself.

Assisted in the investigation by Inspector Colasanti and Officer Mantovani, Margot discovers that the victim is one Mario Pittaluga, a financial consultant at the agency of a well-known credit institution. The investigation begins and it soon becomes apparent that Pittaluga was supplementing his salary through unscrupulous speculative activity on the stock market.

Margot steers the investigation on the track of a financial motive, but it only takes her a few days to realize that the victim’s parallel activity is but the tip of an iceberg that hides far more dramatic truths. And it is precisely such truths that overwhelm Margot with devastating fury, forcing her to struggle against the demons of a now distant past from which, however, she can no longer escape. For the terrible facts that gravitate around the murder threaten to tear down in an instant the psychological and familial stability for which Margot has fought so hard, and to bring to light unmentionable secrets that have scarred her life.

Let’s start reading again!

What this young author’s experience should teach all of us, bar none, is that a train, bus or coach trip is not just about sending chats, checking the weather forecast, updating various social…. Instead, one can gaze at the view from the window, listen to good music on headphones, and most importantly engage in reading all those books that we say we never even have time to browse through. Why not start with this compelling debut thriller by Paganelli? It will certainly be a pleasant and intelligent way to reconnect with reading.


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Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic respiratory disease brought about by persistent inflammation of the airways, particularly the bronchi, which generates hypersensitivity to a variety of stimuli that, when present, result


Diarrhea is a defecation disorder characterized by increased emission of a daily amount of stool greater than 200 g with decreased stool consistency and increased frequency of bowel discharge. In


IConstipation is a condition of the digestive system in which an individual produces stool that is difficult to expel. In most cases, this occurs because the colon has absorbed too

Hepatitis (general)

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver that can vary in severity, from mild to extremely severe, and be acute or chronic, also depending on the underlying cause (viruses, alcohol and

Hashimoto’s thyroid

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland, causing it to become chronically inflamed and gradually degenerate and lose function, resulting in the development of hypothyroidism (a


The term “bronchiectasis” refers to a respiratory condition affecting the bronchi that is characterized by the presence of dilatations and degeneration of bronchial tissue, associated with the presence of “mucus


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum and characterized by three successive stages of increasing severity (primary, secondary, and advanced syphilis), with slow and

Sleep and menopause

Sleep disorders are one of the health problems most often reported by women approaching menopause and in the period after (climacteric). The need for sleep naturally tends to decrease with


Pleurisy is a respiratory disease characterized by acute irritation and inflammation of the pleura, the two-layer membrane that surrounds the lungs and separates them from other organs and fluids in

Colon cancer

Colorectal carcinoma is the malignancy that most frequently affects the colon, rectum, and appendix. It is the third most common form of cancer in the world. It is characterized by

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