Chinese Medicine – Covid 19

These days friends and colleagues have repeatedly asked me about the validity of the news from China, specifically from the city of Wuhan, on the integration Between Chinese medicine and

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Spas are one of the most effective natural remedies for treating certain diseases. Indeed, since time immemorial, man has immersed his body in thermal waters, both for the relax and

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The 10 reasons to take a spa bath


Spas are one of the most effective natural remedies for treating certain diseases. Indeed, since time immemorial, man has immersed his body in thermal waters, both for the relax and the sheer pleasure of it, but also and especially to find relief from some of the diseases, so much so that today, baths in thermal waters are often referred to as medical therapies to follow for the treatment of certain physical problems of all ages and of various kinds. But what are the properties of thermal waters that benefit our bodies? Educate You has compiled a decalogue for you.

The 10 beneficial properties of thermal waters

1 – Disinflammatory: thermal waters exert an undisputed anti-inflammatory action on joint cartilage due to their sulfur and sodium bicarbonate content

2 – A panacea for the
respiratory tract
: spas are highly recommended for those individuals with respiratory tract disorders who may find benefit as a result of inhaling the vapors that escape from the waters

3 – Strengthen the immune system: thermal waters stimulate the production of secretory and circulating immunoglobulins, substances that are essential for our immune system

4 – Enemies of bacteria: due to the presence of halogen salts such as chlorine and sodium in them, thermal waters also have antiseptic properties that facilitate the elimination of bacteria in our bodies

5 – Promote regularity of the menstrual cycle: the genital system and thyroid also benefit from thermal waters, which stimulate gonadotropin synthesis and the ability of the fallopian tubes to contract, and thus better regulation of the menstrual cycle

6 – They improve breathing: thermal waters have a vasodilatory action with increased serous composition of mucus. This will improve our respiratory capacity and make the process of eliminating impurities easier

7 – A cure for rheumatism: not only waters, thermal muds are also useful for our body. They play an excellent role in the treatment of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and extra-articular rheumatism

8 –Intestinal regularity
: thermal waters are often also potable and are an excellent aid to promote intestinal regularity, especially for those suffering from constipation and irritable bowel

9 – They purify the skin: as many of you have surely thought, spas are also a panacea for our skin, especially in the treatment of various forms of dermatitis

10 – Total well-being: in general, a spa stay, in addition to the already mentioned benefits for our bodies, is a great way to unplug, relax and combat the stress of daily life.


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