8. Plants and nutrition

Despite the fact that most human beings do not adopt a strictly vegetarian diet, plants in the diet are not only plentiful, but are consumed in all their parts, even the most unusual ones, from root to flower!

4. Natural plant world and human presence

Compared to the imaginative clothes worn by plants to better adapt to natural environments, those imposed by humans reflect the need on the part of humans to indulge their own desires.

Why choose a mountain vacation

Every year during the summertime millions of people flock to major beach resorts to enjoy a well-deserved vacation under an obrellone or taking a dip in the sea. This is

The support of the foot during running

Running is one of the most popular physical activities for several reasons. Primarily because it does not require any kind of special or even expensive equipment, the only thing you

Physical activity: a winning weapon to avoid fractures and prevent osteoporosis


We have already widely discussed the incredible importance (for all ages) of doing any kind of physical activity for the well-being and health of our bodies, both physically and psychologically (against anxiety and stress for example). In fact, performing regular activity is vital for the prevention of some dangerous diseases that are often among the world’s leading causes of death. In fact, sports are essential for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some respiratory disorders, but also to strengthen our bodies both from a muscular point of view but, also and above all, with regard to our bones.

With physical activity, in fact, the risk of osteoporosis in old age can be significantly reduced, thus averting the danger of fractures and bone density depletion, the cause of pain and difficulty in walking for sufferers.

The positive effects of exercise and ‘physical activity.

Regular exercise forms the basis of any osteoporosis prevention and treatment therapy. In fact, the benefits are manifold:

  • due to sports there is an increase in bone mass in both healthy individuals (with normal bone density) and those with osteoporosis
  • exercise is effective in reducing analgesic consumption
  • individuals who engage in physical activity report a significant and overall improvement in quality of life
  • increase functional abilities in activities of daily living
  • it is recommended to engage in physical activity from a young age in order to achieve a very high peak bone density
  • with sports, balance , muscle tone and reflexes are improved, factors that are especially crucial in avoiding falls
  • finally, by improving bone density, it significantly decreases the risk of fractures following trauma

The physical activities to be preferred for individuals who are already suffering from osteoporosis are those that are naturally loaded, that is, where the only weight bearing down on the muscles and bones is that of our own body pushed by gravity (no additional weights to be added to make a point). For this reason, the most suitable exercises are: walking, marching, aerobics, dancing, cycling, swimming and climbing stairs. Running is helpful but not recommended in individuals who are in an advanced state of the disease.

It should be pointed out, of course, that physical activity is by no means the only remedy, cure, or preventive activity for osteoporosis. It is necessary in any case to contact your doctor to receive all the information and advice on how best to defend yourself against this disease.


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