The support of the foot during running

Running is one of the most popular physical activities for several reasons. Primarily because it does not require any kind of special or even expensive equipment, the only thing you

Staying in shape as we age

The body does not remain the same as it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Our training method could not remain the same as it was then either. Some

7. Apnea specialty.

In addition to static apnea, which we discussed in Lesson #7, we have DYNAMIC apnea and DEEP apnea.

1. Equipment

Freediving is an environmental sport that is practiced in the water and, for this reason, requires specific equipment that gives us comfort and safety.

How, how much and what to drink indoors

“The cold season is here. Fewer hours of daylight, frigid temperatures, frequent rain and a whole host of inclement weather cause many of you endurance enthusiasts to take refuge within

Nordic Walking

By Roberto Vallabio, instructor Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) Translated into Italian it means Nordic Walking and consists of walking with the help of special sticks. An aid that turns

Beware of sprained ankle

Unexpected forcing sprains the ankle as it goes to force its range of motion and can cause a lateral injury. What are the presenting symptoms? How to intervene?

Can you play sports with psoriasis?


The onset of psoriasis can lead to the abandonment of sports activities, as physical and psychological discomfort causes the patient to isolate himself and suspend what were previously his daily routines.

Psoriasis is characterized by the presence of lesions, which obviously also negatively affect the mood of the sufferer, who often does not continue the activities he or she used to do before the onset of psoriasis. Research conducted in Finland found that most patients give up physical activity altogether or only partially. Another study, conducted in Italy, although confirming young people’s abandonment of sports activities, showed that a quarter of them found benefits in sports, preventing the natural course of the disease.

So while it is true that psoriasis patients tend to give up their habits, it is also true that consistent physical activity plays an important role in improving the symptoms of the disease. In addition, sports also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and type 2 diabetes, which can occur as a result of psoriasis.

What sport to play?

Choosing a sport to play is not that difficult, just avoid contact sports, such as boxing or martial arts, as they may result in injuries or scratches on the skin. Swimming and all water sports are highly recommended, especially when practiced in the summer months and outdoors. The sun’s rays, in fact, bring benefit to psoriasis patients. If, on the other hand, swimming is done in a swimming pool, it is necessary to inquire about the amount of chlorine in the water and to rinse the body well after the activity so as not to develop chlorine irritation. It is important to use soothing agents and emollients to keep the skin soft and protected, while trying to use the utmost care both hygienically and cosmetically.


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Atopic dermatitis or “atopic eczema” is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, associated with pruritus, that typically begins in the early years of life, then persisting throughout the pediatric years and


Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by the appearance of characteristic thickened, flaky, inflamed patches on well-defined, more or less extensive skin areas. The disease affects 0.1-3.0% of the


The term dermatitis refers to a fairly heterogeneous group of skin diseases, largely characterized by more or less pronounced inflammation and induced by a wide variety of causes (irritation, allergic


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Allergic rhinitis is aninflammation of the mucosa lining the inner cavities of the nose (nasal mucosa).

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