Exercise helps improve memory

Doing physical activity, whether it is a simple workout or a real sport, certainly brings many health benefits to our bodies. However, in addition to the already mentioned positive effects

Diving, the basic rules

The human body, while moving through water, swimming or diving, knows that it poses a constant danger since it cannot survive under this element except with reserves of air. Never dive alone.

10. Plants in space.

The International Space Station (ISS) has operated continuously for more than twenty years in Earth orbit, hosting teams of astronauts and scientists on research missions lasting up to several months; among the purposes of this research is the development of technologies that can keep a crew alive on missions beyond Earth orbit.

Nordic Walking

By Roberto Vallabio, instructor Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) Translated into Italian it means Nordic Walking and consists of walking with the help of special sticks. An aid that turns

5. Breathing

All of us, when we are born, know well what is the right way to breathe. If we observed a small baby resting on the changing table, we would immediately

1. Equipment

Freediving is an environmental sport that is practiced in the water and, for this reason, requires specific equipment that gives us comfort and safety.

The 10 tips to avoid headaches on vacation


Summer headaches are a companion one would gladly do without, as is well known by the many Italians who, as soon as they arrive on vacation, are assailed by sudden episodes of headache, with more or less severe pain. Several reasons can trigger this discomfort right at the beginning of our well-deserved summer relaxation. These include the stress the body undergoes due to the lifestyle change that marks the beginning of the vacations, the change in eating habits, the disruption of the sleep-wake rhythm, and, also, changes in climate and altitude. Fortunately, it is possible to counteract this type of headache, due to an overall alteration of our biological clock, by resorting to simple expedients, which we can summarize in a sort of decalogue:

1 – Preparations: in the days leading up to departure, prepare for the change of pace by trying to rest and taking a few short breaks.

2 – In your suitcase: pack anti-inflammatory remedies and analgesics useful for blocking pain if needed.

3 – When traveling: prefer a healthy and nutritious diet, starting with a good breakfast of readily available sugars (such as honey, jam and fruit).

4 – Sleep: During the first few days of the vacation season, try to avoid abrupt changes in your lifestyle, such as your sleep-wake rhythm, remembering that sleeping too much for the body also causes headaches, especially for those who are predisposed.

5 – Physical activity: to help the body adapt to the new rhythm, taking long walks in the fresh air is sufficient.

6 – Environment and climate: as far as possible, avoid marked changes in time zone or altitude, especially in the first few days of vacation, when the body is not yet accustomed to the new environment.

7 –Nutrition: do not upset your habits when you sit at the table. On vacation a few deviations from the rule are allowed, but without overdoing it.

8 – Relaxation: rest should also be gradual: in fact, engaging in recreational activities is helpful to gradually shift from the working pace of the city to the holiday pace.

9 – First symptoms of headache: do not wait for them to intensify but intervene as soon as possible with appropriate medication. In the event, however, that headache attacks do not subside, seek medical advice and, if necessary, refer to a specialist.

10 – Live the vacation with serenity: do not turn the vacation into a stressful time filled with commitments, albeit pleasant ones.

Only in this way will we reap genuine benefits from the vacation before diving back into the daily grind of our work activities.


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