Warts: what are they?

Warts are skin lesions that, depending on their location, can be distinguished into vulgar warts, when present on the body, and genital warts. In general, vulgar warts affect the face,

Protect sleep by avoiding bad habits

It is known to all that good physical and mental fitness can depend on many factors, but certainly sleep is one of the foundational factors of well-being.

De Quervain’s syndrome: how to treat it

De Quervain’s stenosing tenosynovitis is an inflammatory process affecting the synovial sheath of the thumb tendons (long abductor and short extensor). The condition is characterized by painful narrowing of the

Uveitis of the eye

Uveitis is a generic term describing a group of inflammatory diseases that cause swelling, inflammation, and damage to ocular tissues; the term originates from the fact that these conditions often

Anal fissures: symptoms and causes

Anal fissure is a wound, usually a linear or oval-shaped ulceration, several millimeters long and located at the level of the outer muco-cutaneous margin of the anus. It can occur

What is gonarthrosis?

Gonarthrosis (or knee osteoarthritis) is a chronic degenerative disease characterized by the destruction and potential loss of articular cartilage in the knee. Over time, this process causes progressive damage to

The most common diseases of the oral cavity

It is important to make a distinction between those stomatomucoses that can be traced to local etiological factors and stomatomucoses that are the local manifestation of general systemic diseases of

Starting a physical activity: some tips

The reasons that often prompt us to start a physical activity are many and varied. One of the main motivations is definitely aesthetic (one plays sports to improve one’s physical


Regurgitation is the involuntary rising of gastric contents into pharynx, inside or outside the mouth, usually effortless and nonprojective.

Fat accumulation in the abdomen: the risks and solutions


It is commonplace that weight gain in both men and women is a sign of advancing age and that excess fat accumulating at the waist level, the so-called “belly button,” is an inevitable sign of the years, but this is not true, although age, to a large extent, affects this condition.
The real fact is that a waistline invaded by fat accumulation poses a serious health hazard by exposing people to many ailments and different types of diseases.

Abdominal fat can gradually increase giving rise toCentral Obesity, a particularly sneaky condition because, unlike fat that accumulates on other parts of the body under the skin, visceral fat is nested deep in the abdomen claiming to fill the space between the different abdominal organs.
This type of fat in men and women is The overt culprit of alterations in the cardiovascular system, metabolism, and the main culprit of diabetic disease, especially in men, while in women it also contributes to breast cancer or the formation of gallstones or biliary tract stones .

Even when no specific pathology has occurred, the accumulation of visceral fat allows the establishment of a condition called Syndrome Metabolic, in which a number of factors may coexist, such as overweight, increased blood pressure, tendency to sedentariness caused by the same weight gain, and other disorders that could be the antechamber of serious diseases.

The accumulation of fat on the waistline is known to alter people’s profile, causing them to feel uneasy, sometimes even in family and social relationships.

Theaccumulation of abdominal fat can make one’s profile look like a pear or even an apple, depending on the particular location of the abdominal fat, where the pear shape refers primarily to fat located under the skin, and where the apple shape refers to fat located more viscerally.

It must be said that then factors such as the genetic characteristics of individuals, hormonal pattern, other previous pathologies, and lifestyles also come into play, but in any case it is now a certainty on the part of physicians and researchers that the accumulation of abdominal fat must mean for those affected an important warning to don underestimate in order to protect their health and for the health care provider a clinical fact to be investigated in depth with a view to disease prevention.

Visceral fat may play a significant role in the development of inflammation, in ‘affecting the immune and cardiovascular systems, and also influencing cells with respect to the action of insulin, and being responsible for increased blood cholesterol.
The first piece of advice is to become totally aware of the problem, which then, according to the logic of HealthEmpowerment , is the starting point toward solving a disorder or disease or at least toward improving it.

A second piece of advice concernsexercise and diet.
In fact, choose to be physically active throughout the day, not trying to shirk small routine labors and adding to them even a short type of dedicated exercise.
Increased generalized physical activity helps distract from an excessive focus on food, even to the point of self-regulation in food portion sizes, to the point of deciding to select foods by favoring healthier ones such as vegetables, whole grain products, and fruits, outvoting foods made from refined flours, fattier foods, alcohol, and sugary drinks.

A third piece of advice concerns the person ‘spositive approach to solving the clinical problem, who should become a protagonist in this difficult condition and not suffer it as an adverse event.



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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

According to the official definition, COPD is “a pathological condition of the respiratory system characterized by chronic and partially reversible airflow obstruction to which bronchial (chronic bronchitis), bronchiolar, (small airway


The term “bronchiectasis” refers to a respiratory condition affecting the bronchi that is characterized by the presence of dilatations and degeneration of bronchial tissue, associated with the presence of “mucus

Angina pectoris

Referred to by the Latin name for its main manifestation, a weight-like or vice-like tightness in the chest, angina pectoris is not a disease per se, but the consequence of

Carotid stenosis

Carotid artery stenosis corresponds to a narrowing of the caliber of the carotid arteries, which are the main blood vessels supplying the brain with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood (particularly glucose),

Blow to the heart

A “heart murmur” is not in itself a pathology , but merely a signal that the blood inside the heart is flowing too fast or in a “disordered” manner, producing

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest corresponds to the interruption of the heart’s contraction and pumping action, resulting from a sudden and drastic alteration in its electrical activity (ventricular fibrillation). Cardiac arrest is an


The term coronary artery disease refers to chronic “distress” of the coronary arteries, the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, in most cases brought about by atherosclerotic pathology

Ablation of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at eliminating the source of the cardiac arrhythmia through the selective destruction of small portions of the cardiac tissue present


Cellulite is an inflammatory-based alteration of the fat-rich subcutaneous tissue(panniculus adiposus), triggered by fluid stagnation due to poor venous and lymphatic circulation (lymph is a fluid that flows in channels

Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis is a medical condition of shoulder suffering from both stiffness and pain. It is also called “frozen shoulder syndrome” precisely because of the reduced mobility and pain.

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