2. Origin of plants on earth

Today's extant plant forms reflect a complex evolutionary "work" that has taken place over more than 400 million years, during which plants have deployed cunning strategies to be able to adapt to various types of environments, managing to survive and reproduce even in the most climatically severe places.

9. Compensation

With this maneuver, the apneist returns the eardrums to a neutral position, which, due to the external pressure, which reduces the volumes of the air zones of our body, would tend to introflex to the point of injury or rupture if they were not rebalanced. Ambient pressure, which increases with depth, causes a reduction in the volume of the aerial parts of our body (lesson 3), compensating the ears reconstitute the original volumes, keeping the eardrum in a neutral position.

4. Natural plant world and human presence

Compared to the imaginative clothes worn by plants to better adapt to natural environments, those imposed by humans reflect the need on the part of humans to indulge their own desires.

How important is sports for children

The vacations are almost over, September is approaching, and all the children are about to return to their school desks. Homework returns, friends are reunited, and the usual daily routne

Diving, the basic rules

The human body, while moving through water, swimming or diving, knows that it poses a constant danger since it cannot survive under this element except with reserves of air. Never dive alone.

Beware of sprained ankle

Unexpected forcing sprains the ankle as it goes to force its range of motion and can cause a lateral injury. What are the presenting symptoms? How to intervene?

Campania fires: some rules to follow to safeguard our land


What is unfolding is literally a summer of fire. Unfortunately, however, this definition does not only refer to the scorching heat and continuously rising temperatures that give people, especially those in southern Italy, no respite. In fact, in the past month the Campania (to a greater extent, but not only) has been affected by a very high number of pyres which devastated the land and inflicted very serious damage both to the environment and to dozens of families who were forced to leave their homes out of caution, just as many merchants and restaurateurs had to close their businesses momentarily, right at the time of their highest earnings. Many of the causes are unfortunately malicious in nature. These are fires deliberately set by individuals, sometimes as a joke (stupidly), and sometimes for clear intent to bring damage to the land.

The fires on Vesuvius

One of the most devastating and on which much of public opinion has focused was undoubtedly the burning of Vesuvius National Park. The flames lasted for several days, affecting miles and miles of land, starting right from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. The damage is incalculable, hundreds of hectares of vegetation destroyed, endless clouds of smoke that spread from Vesuvius to neighboring towns polluting the air and doing extensive damage to the health of the population. As if that were not enough, the charred bodies of the park’s wildlife, which could not be saved from the fires, are not counted.

Some homes in Torre del Greco and Herculaneum have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. The most affected areas are Valle delle Delizie, Ottaviano, Herculaneum, Cappella Bianchini, Boscotrecase, and Torre del Greco, a total of about 700 interventions by the fire department in the region, which relentlessly and with the help of canadair worked tirelessly for entire days to succeed in taming the flames. The nature of many of the fires is definitely arson, and thanks to the investigation, the first arrests have already begun. However, the motivations for these gestures and new clues that could lead to further arrests continue to be investigated.

Precautionary precautions

The damage done to the land is very high. The environment has received a tremendous blow, and one that will inevitably indirectly affect the population as well. Therefore, it is important to spread rules of behavior so that such events remain as rare and isolated as possible, in order to safeguard the beauty and health of our territory, for the well-being of both ourselves and future generations who will inherit our environmental legacy. Here are some basic tips:

  • Do not throw cigarette butts or matches that are still lit: they can set the dry grass on fire.
  • It is forbidden and dangerous to light fires in the forest. Use only equipped areas and never leave the fire and before leaving make sure it is completely out.
  • If you have to park your car make sure the muffler is not in contact with dry grass-the hot muffler could easily ignite dry grass.
  • Do not abandon garbage in the woods and illegal dumps: it is a dangerous fuel; throw garbage in the appropriate containers.
  • Do not leave bottles or glass fragments in the woods: they can turn into potential lighters in the sun.
  • To clear stubble, straw and grass, do not use fire: use a sickle.
  • Don’t burn, without proper safety measures, agricultural residues: in a few minutes you could get out of control of the fire.
  • In areas most prone to fire, around homes and buildings, clean the ground of weeds and easily flammable waste.
  • Report those who light fires in dangerous areas.

Of course, all those agencies, governmental or voluntary, that preside over the control and safeguarding of the territory in order to provide relief to the people affected by these disasters or to prevent such events from happening again are of paramount importance. One example is the excellent control work done by the volunteers of the
Territorial Aerial Surveillance


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Sleep and mood disorders

Sleep disorders and mood disorders are linked by a double thread and articulately affect each other. Decades of studies and clinical-practical experience, both in the field of Sleep Medicine and


Warts are benign formations that can appear on the skin anywhere on the body as a result of infection by one of the viruses of the human papilloma family or

De Quervain’s syndrome

De Quervain’s syndrome is a painful condition of the hand related to inflammation of the sheaths lining two tendons found on the medial (inner) side of the wrist that control


Goiter corresponds to the more or less bulky, protruding swelling that appears in the central anterior part of the neck mainly in people who are iodine-deficient for prolonged periods, due

Milky crust

Milk scab, technically referred to as “neonatal seborrheic dermatitis” or pityriasis capitis, is a transient and essentially harmless dermatologic disorder that affects the scalp of many infants and infants.


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder of the central nervous system, characterized by recurrent acute attacks (seizures), unpredictable in frequency, intensity and duration, interspersed with periods of well-being in which

Senile vascular dementia

Senile vascular dementia corresponds to a process of cognitive decline that goes beyond the physiological reduction in intellectual capacity associated with aging. In most cases, vascular dementia is related to


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes the sufferer to voluntarily deprive himself or herself of food or to consume extremely limited amounts of food that are not compatible

Arthrosis of the hip

Osteoarthritis of the hip is also called coxarthrosis and is a chronic degenerative disease of the hip joint due to progressive disruption of articular cartilage. Hip osteoarthritis can be primary


Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of the cornea-the transparent convex membrane that forms the anterior portion of the eyeball’s fibrous tonaca-or in the shape of the lens. Normally,

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