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Self-awareness to live an easier life

Did your day not go as you wished? Thoughts like, “My boss doesn’t appreciate me,” “No one understands me,” “I can’t take it anymore,” “If only they would stop,” …

Self-awareness to live an easier life


Did your day not go as you wished?

Thoughts like, “My boss doesn’t appreciate me,” “No one understands me,” “I can’t take it anymore,” “If only they would stop,” … have they resonated in your head? Well, you will not be happy to hear what I am about to tell you….

You have let yourself be dominated by thoughts that have nothing to do with what actually happened and especially nothing to do with awareness! With some of these thoughts you wallow daily, against others you try to fight but your inner state does not change.

It would change if you were aware!

Well, then where to start? First, it is necessary to train oneself to see one’s thoughts. The ability to observe oneself is the first step to ‘seeing’ and knowing oneself. The first step toward awareness.

The more man observes himself, the more he gets to know himself and the more he discovers his own insubstantiality, weakness and fragility not to mention that continuous litany of worries, negativity, superstitions, phobic images and sick projections waiting for unlikely catastrophic events…

The world does not prepare you to handle thoughts and emotions

You can go a lifetime without noticing the damage you do by leaving your thoughts and emotions in the ‘wild’. If you took responsibility for the emotions you experience and the thoughts you formulate your life would immediately be different and better.

When someone steps on your toes, mechanically you get angry and for a few hours, or even a few days, energetically you go after that person.

Meditation is the training you need to produce awareness and not get angry.

Meditating means governing your thoughts in such a way that you can go peacefully on your way even when you have been tense or even when someone has stepped on your toes.

Unfortunately, our inner state is invariably a ticket to the realization of what actually happens in our lives. Our negative states of Being and emotions first announce what will happen and later determine those events that were foretold. Time separates your inner experience, your states, from the facts that will inevitably be generated.

Time is a smokescreen, a shock absorber that prevents you from seeing the correlation and consequently from taking responsibility as the sole director of your life.

I am sure you struggle to realize that what is happening to you is nothing more than a mirror of your inner experience.

How can you improve your situation?

Take a path of mindfulness, choose meditation as a daily tool to hold firm to the commitments you make.

A real growth path leads you to Being Aware and gives you the strength to transmute your negative experiences so that you can realize for your future exactly what you want.

Fears, fears, perplexities, doubts, anxieties, superstitions, grudges, anger…junk that people who do a mindfulness path like the one I’m recommending recognize as such, because they’ve observed it and work to make it different.

The awareness we try to produce during meditation must carry over into our daily lives. It must serve to curb those parasitic mechanical thoughts that arise in response to the environment, which produce negative states that produce those events that we eventually generate.

We are here to be aware, to not think, to Be. When I AM the mind is quiet and does not think. When I AM, the mind stops that constant work of interpreting data, of interpreting situations, of producing movies-it stops lying. I am governing it and it is ready to produce what I am interested in.

The moments of awareness we are able to produce when we meditate are precious, a moment when everything stops and we ARE, when the mind restarts we ARE and stop BEING.

Meditation for taking charge of your life

Once again the key to improving your life lies in meditation. A daily exercise, done three times a day for at least 7 minutes.

Meditate before you get up in the morning because you want to take charge of your life.

At night meditate before going to bed, and then your night will be different and better.

During the day meditate and, whenever you ‘come to mind,’ try to retain as much as possible that state of stillness produced during meditation.

If you meditate in your life there is no anxiety, no stress, no depression. There are no negative thoughts, fears, fears-all these are just nonsense of the mind. If you don’t meditate you can only reflect your environment, a sick society.

In meditation we make an effort of awareness every time, it is not strenuous but we make the effort to govern the thoughts. The effort has to be made each time and it depends on how far away from yourself you are at that moment, how emotionally serene or ‘overwrought’ you are.

Inner states will inevitably be reflected in your life.

You can study, get a degree, win the Superenalotto, run marathons, climb mountains, become successful, become super rich, dominate X FACTOR, … but if you don’t become aware the whole thing is in vain … and your life will still be steeped in fears, dreads, sadness and unnecessary suffering.

Source : Naturopathy


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