The pathologies of the hip

Hip disorders are disorders that affect the hip joint, which looks like a kind of ball inserted into a structure that allows the thigh to be able to move in multiple directions and helps the hips to support the weight of the body.

Virilization: what is it?

The term virilization refers to a set of signs and symptoms attributable to the presence of significant hyperandrogenism in women. In other words, the term virilization is intended to denote

Reviving couples’ sexuality during the vacations

Sometimes one wonders why during vacation days most couples discover a more vibrant and exciting sex life than that usually experienced in their bedrooms during normal days, and the idea arises that one should replicate that atmosphere.

Humans and animals, close but with caution

While it is now well established that pets, especially dogs and cats do not generally pose a real risk of infection, it still pays to be vigilant that they themselves are not attacked by parasites or ticks.

Lung disorders: pleurisy

Viral pleurisy is a viral infection of the pleura (the thin, transparent, two-layered membrane that covers the lungs), which, typically, causes chest pain on breathing or with coughing. Viral pleurisy

Inflammation of adenoids

Adenoids are made up of lymphatic tissue and are located at the top of the throat, behind and above the tonsils, at the point where the nasal cavities connect right

Neck and back injuries

In the case of a traffic accident, from falls or from diving, all victims should be treated as if they had a spinal cord injury. As a result, victims may

“Selfies” could be used to detect heart disease


New research uses artificial intelligence to analyze facial photos

Sending a “selfie” to the doctor could be an easy and inexpensive way to detect heart disease, according to researchers.
Their study is the first to show that it is possible to use a deep learning computer algorithm to detect coronary artery disease (CAD) by analyzing four photographs of a person’s face.


Taken from European Society of Cardiology, August 21, 2020



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Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest corresponds to the interruption of the heart’s contraction and pumping action, resulting from a sudden and drastic alteration in its electrical activity (ventricular fibrillation). Cardiac arrest is an

Heart failure

Heart failure corresponds to a condition in which the heart is unable to receive and/or pump blood with sufficient force to the lungs and the rest of the body, due

Aortic aneurysm

An aortic aneurysm refers to permanent dilatation of a well-defined segment of the aorta, the largest artery in the body that receives blood directly from the left ventricle and distributes

Myocardial infarction

Acute myocardial infarction, which affects about 100,000 people in Italy each year, corresponds to the death of a part of the heart muscle due to an interruption in the supply


1/10 – What is lymphedema Lymphedema is a chronic pathological condition mainly manifested by swelling of a region of the body due to the accumulation of lymph in the tissues.

Cardiac Echodoppler

The echocardiogram, also known as echocardiography, is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the use of ultrasound, which is quick and easy to perform, harmless, painless, and low-cost, and because

Cardiac arrhythmias

The group of cardiac arrhythmias includes all conditions characterized by an alteration in the rhythm of contraction of the heart, either in excess or in defect or associated with irregularities

Atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart rhythm disorder in the Western world. In the United States it affects about three million people; in Italy, an estimated 600-700 thousand people

Carotid stenosis

Carotid artery stenosis corresponds to a narrowing of the caliber of the carotid arteries, which are the main blood vessels supplying the brain with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood (particularly glucose),

Mitral valve repair

Repair of an insufficient/deteriorated mitral valve can be done: Removing the malfunctioning segments of the valve leaflets; implanting “synthetic cords” (which replace the broken or “stretched” natural ones of the

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