Starting a physical activity: some tips

The reasons that often prompt us to start a physical activity are many and varied. One of the main motivations is definitely aesthetic (one plays sports to improve one’s physical

The different ages of pregnancy

What is the best age to get pregnant, the best time? Women, who have become mothers, will surely have different views, and different experiences are important to understand a little more about the complex world of pregnancy and its complex aspects.

Anxiety: causes, symptoms and treatment

Anxiety or, more precisely, “generalized anxiety disorder” as stated in the “Statistical Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders, is a psychiatric disorder characterized by: intense and persistent worry and anxiety not

Mitral valve regurgitation

It is a condition in which the mitral valve leaflets do not close tightly, causing blood to leak backward into the left atrium of the heart.

Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills can be improved with experience through learning, processing, planning and adaptation. An individual’s degree of cognitive fitness enables him or her to cope with life’s challenges, make decisions,

The family and the patient with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder not only disrupts the patient's life but also makes the lives of those around him difficult and sometimes painful. People affected by this disorder often have difficulty acknowledging their mental state to themselves.

Eight tips to combat stress

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?
  1. We live in a world that constantly puts us under stress! Work, study, family problems, sports, now everything is a cause for stress if we are unable to organize the various activities throughout our daily routine. Even a summer vacation, if not thought out in detail, can be a cause of mental and physical stress on our bodies. How then to find an escape route to this oppressive condition ? Again, the practice of Mindfulness plays in our favor, describing the 8 tips to combat stress. Let’s see together what they are.

Tips for combating stress

1 – Be aware of all the signs (physical, emotional and mental ) that indicate to you that a particular situation or event is stressful. Try to react rationally and calmly rather than impulsively to what happens to you.

2 – Remember as much as possible throughout the day that you are a complete, infinite being, losing nothing by allowing your sensitivity and love to express itself.

3 – Pay attention to the feelings, whether negative or positive, that you are experiencing in a stressful situation. When they are present be aware of what your behavior is in response to them and judge whether it is an appropriate reaction or not, keeping in mind the consequences of your actions.

4 – Pay attention to how much your feelings and moods affect the way you feel physically at that moment. Reason about your body movements, how you drink, how you eat, and how you appear in the eyes of others.

5 – Notice whether your mind turns its thoughts to memories of the past or, on the contrary, projects itself into anticipations of the future, and how much this all revolves around the I, ME and MINE. Is all this necessary ? Does it cause you pain ? Wouldn’t it be better to take your mind off these thoughts ?

6 – Be more aware of the present moment, focus your attention, especially through the use of breathing, on what you are experiencing at this very moment. Reflect on the here and now, without letting your mind digress too much into thoughts and memories that may increase the uncomfortable situation resulting from stress.

7 – Be aware of every feeling that arises from your body, whether positive or negative ( fear, anger, jealousy, laziness, joy, security, calmness, etc.).

8 – Imagine that your life was coming to an end at this moment, how would you like your mind to be at this moment ? You can think about what to do practically to make your intention come true consistently, in everyday life.


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Alcoholism is a real disease because of the way it presents itself, the disorders it causes, and the symptoms it gives the patient. The term Alcoholism is used when disorders

Meniere’s Syndrome

Meniere’s syndrome is a balance disorder characterized by recurrent and unpredictable “attacks” involving the onset of intense dizziness, associated with reduced hearing, whistling and buzzing. Each attack is heralded by

Panic attack

What is meant by a panic attack? It is understood as the sudden manifestation of a strong fear accompanied by an equally intense physical symptomatology despite the absence of an

Sleep and menopause

Sleep disorders are one of the health problems most often reported by women approaching menopause and in the period after (climacteric). The need for sleep naturally tends to decrease with


Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes the sufferer to voluntarily deprive himself or herself of food or to consume extremely limited amounts of food that are not compatible


The term syncope refers to an episode of fainting, that is, a sudden loss of senses, which can affect people of any age and can be induced by a variety

Trigeminal neuralgia

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves in the head; it is the nerve responsible for providing sensation to the face. One trigeminal nerve


Anorgasmia is the syndrome by which we refer to the difficulty in having orgasms even after normal sexual stimulation. The intensity and frequency of orgasms in women are variables that


Migraine is a primary headache that is manifested by recurrent attacks of moderate to severe headaches, varying in duration from 4 to 72 hours, interspersed with symptom-free periods. Sometimes migraine


Insomnia is an extremely common sleep disorder that can affect people of all ages for different reasons and come in various forms and variations, all of which have in common

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