Vaginal Candida: what is it?

Vaginal candida is the purely female fungal infection that results from the out-of-control growth, at the level of the vagina, of the fungus Candida albicans. Promoted by conditions such as,

The sexuality of Italians

The study conducted by the Center for Social Investment Studies(Censis, 2019) provides information on a precise segment of the population, namely people aged 18 to 40, referred to as “young

The psychological aspects of Peyronie’s disease

All this naturally reverberates on the couple's relationship, with the triggering of bad moods, misunderstandings, etc. Especially if due to shame or an unestablished relationship, there is no communication between the partners in this regard.


Staying within social media, research in recent years focuses on a booming phenomenon: the sexting . Defined as the sending via an internet-enabled device of text messages, images, and videos

Pornography in the last sixty years

Today’s literature is unanimous in choosing the definition of pornography proposed by Peter and Valkenburg as those contents that show sexual activities in a direct and unambiguous manner, often with

Does sexual desire grows old or not?

In a society where being and staying young is a absolute imperative and the body is at the center of all forms of communication, any sign of aging that naturally

Health: shock waves against erectile dysfunction


Treating impotence even without drugs. News that will make many men happy: truly promising results are coming from the first study of the Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) regarding the treatment of the much-feared erectile dysfunction, which for many males is still-though wrongly I– a taboo. Although we need to tread lightly for the time being, preliminary results speak for themselves: 70 percent of patients “recovered” from impotence through the use of low-intensity shock waves. Therefore, we are facing a new treatment option for those who complain of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, estimated to be one-third of the more than three million patients in our country. The treatment causes no side effects, is noninvasive, and is quick and painless. The Italian multicenter study, coordinated by the SIA, was conducted on about 100 patients and is still ongoing, with positive results for that 70 percent of patients, who stopped using drugs (so-called love pills) to return to spontaneous sexuality, while in the most severe patients the response to oral therapy improved in 40% of cases.

The survey

The survey, launched a year ago, involved patients aged 18 to 65 years with organically based erectile dysfunction being treated at hospital or university centers in Florence, Naples, Trento, Bari, and Trieste. This is the first study coordinated by a Scientific Society conducted on shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction, with the aim of independently evaluating possible outcomes and the most appropriate indications. Patients underwent an average of six shock wave sessions with 3,000 low-voltage shots; then the effect was evaluated with a penile echocolordoppler and sexual activity questionnaires. “The six-month follow-up data are very promising,” explains Alessandro Palmieri, SIA president and study coordinator. In men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, therapy is successful and provides marked improvement in 70% of cases. Success in this case means possible cure: erectile dysfunction drugs have revolutionized sexual habits but remain “on-demand” cures, unable except in rare cases to restore erectile function. Shock waves, on the other hand, are able to reestablish the erection mechanism, allowing a return to natural sexuality without the need for relationship programming. However, this is still an emerging technique, and research is tasked with investigating the mechanisms of action of the method. This requires data from multicenter studies to define the long-term effects of treatment.”

A technology born in Israel

The method was developed in Israel a few years ago and is a physical therapy already used in other body districts, for example, for the treatment of kidney stones or as analgesic therapy. “Shock waves are high-energy acoustic waves,” explains Nicola Mondaini, SIA advisor. “They are applied to the penis through specific devices in sessions that last about 10 minutes, to be repeated for a total of six treatments in total. Physical therapy is thus brought exactly where it is needed and works by stimulating penile circulation, through the gradual growth of new blood vessels ( neo-angiogenesis), restoring spontaneous erection to the patient because circulation in the penis returns to normal and can provide an efficient erection.


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The term amenorrhea refers to the non-occurrence or absence of menstrual flow for a period of time of at least six consecutive months. In cases of “thinning” menstruation, for example,

Benign prostatic hypertrophy

The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part

Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer is one of the most common malignancies in adulthood in Western countries, especially in the male sex. In most cases, it develops from the cells lining the inner


Anorgasmia is the syndrome by which we refer to the difficulty in having orgasms even after normal sexual stimulation. The intensity and frequency of orgasms in women are variables that

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition related to muscular or neurological deficits at the level of the pelvic floor (consisting of the muscle bundles that close the base of the abdomen),

Kidney cancer

As with all cancers, the causes of adenocarcinoma and renal sarcomas lie in a series of genetic mutations that allow a group of cells to acquire new characteristics and begin


Endometriosis is a condition characterized by intense menstrual pain that goes beyond the common discomforts associated with flow. This is a very common condition among women of childbearing age that

Endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer is a neoplasm that develops at the level of the tissue lining the inner walls of the uterus and, for this reason, is also called simply uterine cancer,

Peyronie’s or curved penis disease

Peyronie ‘s disease is a condition resulting from an abnormality of the penis due to fibrous scar tissue that appears on the penis changing its shape during erection, which becomes


Varicocele is a venous malformation that results from loss of tone and elasticity of the veins that collect blood from the testis and carry it upward into the large venous

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