What is the food pyramid?

The food pyramid is a chart that invites people to follow certain dietary advice proposed by an organization qualified in the subject. The foods located at the top of the

Guidelines for healthy eating

The guidelines aim to protect the health of the individual, so much so that they suggest how to behave when choosing foods, recovering or increasing consumption of some and limiting

The merits of watermelon

Among the cheerful colors of summer fruits prevails among many that beautiful deep red of watermelon, which is given by lycopene, an antioxidant contained in the pulp. Watermelon is truly a complete fruit.

Foods for the Skin

A new video podcast by My Special Doctorcurated by Dr. Maria Chiara Villaand Dr. Piercarlo Salari

Cirrhosis of the liver: dietary advice

Liver cirrhosis is a severe liver disease, characterized mainly by fibrosis of varying severity to parenchymal nodule formation and concomitant reduction of liver-functioning parenchyma. There are several forms of cirrhosis

Diarrhea: what are the causes

Diarrhea is an abnormal evacuation of stool that has increased volume, fluidity, and frequency of emission. Excessively liquid stools are created due to excessive intestinal peristalsis, which leads to insufficient

But how good is olive oil made in Italy!

Do we really know everything about the value of made-in-Italy olive oil, not only in terms of its positive health benefits but also about the various realities that revolve around

We are what we eat


Our bodies grow and develop as a result of the foods we ingest. It can be said, as already proposed in the title of this passage, that“we are what we eat.” This is a statement that respects the concept that a healthy and
proper nutrition
is the fundamental key to the development of an equally healthy and strong body. In fact, our body is an expression of the quality of our nutrition, and it perfectly reflects the properties of the foods we ingest, cook and assimilate. For this reason, it is really important to eat a proper diet that provides us with all the nutrients our bodies need to develop and grow healthy. In fact, an incorrect dietary style can greatly increase the risk of diseases for our bodies, some of which could prove fatal to our existence.

A healthy diet

As mentioned above, our body is an expression of what we ingest. For the latter to develop healthy and strong, it is necessary for our diet to be complete, varied and, above all, contain the nutrients that are essential for our growth. Fruits, vegetables, grains and noble proteins are just some of the foods recommended for our daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances that benefit the health of our bodies. Proper nutrition is also a decisive weapon in the prevention (and/or treatment) of some very dangerous diseases for our bodies, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic diseases and some forms of cancer.

This is because each product of the earth brings specific benefits to a particular organ of our body and, often, they happen to vaguely resemble the organ to which they bring benefit: such as the nuts, whose shape is unmistakably similar to that of our brain, and it is to the latter that they bring great benefits due to the substances contained within them such as Omega-3, antioxidants, folic acid and vitamin E; or as the tomato, which resembles the heart more than any other food, rich in lycopene, an excellent nutrient for the heart and blood; the mushrooms, the side portion of which is extremely similar to the shape of the ear human, contain vitamin D, which is important for the prevention of hearing loss; and finally the avocado, which symbolically recalls the uterus female, which is able to balance hormones and prevent cervical cancer.

The art of cooking

These are just a few examples that make us aware of how closely related the concepts of healthy eating and well-being of the body are. Of course, many of these foods are not taken in by humans as they are harvested in nature, but pass through the practice of cooking, which is also of great importance. Cooking in fact means transforming nature’s products into healthy foods that retain their original properties and enhance their taste, celebrating our senses. Cooking has always had a strong symbolic value for humans, and the figure of the cook (or of the chef ) has become more and more sought-after and appreciated in all parts of the world, especially when it comes to “healthy” which favors foods with low fat and high nutritional value for the body.


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