Habits that harm sex life

When you deals with sexual activity, age undoubtedly matters, because hormones male and female play a key role in the induction of desire and in triggering the mechanisms that enable

Sexual desire in the various ages of life

It may seem easy to define it, but despite the many studies conducted, the composition of the structure of sexual desire, what elements make it up and to what extent they may influence it, is still unclear.

Internet, Social Media, and Sexual Media

With the emergence and rapid evolution of the World Wide Web a new era of mass communication has dawned. Billions of users worldwide use the Internet as their main means

Sex education : let’s address the issue

Talking about sex? Sure, but with whom? For years, we have witnessed the unfortunate back-and-forth between family and school, with neither taking responsibility for addressing the sensitive topic in depth

Consequences of using pornographic material.

From photography to red-light cinema, from VHS to smartphones, the pornographic world literally becomes at your fingertips. The literature describes pornography as widely accessible, easily enjoyed, anonymous, and increasingly socially

The psychological aspects of Peyronie’s disease

All this naturally reverberates on the couple's relationship, with the triggering of bad moods, misunderstandings, etc. Especially if due to shame or an unestablished relationship, there is no communication between the partners in this regard.

Sexual Habits: Outercourse, non-penetrative sex

Sexual partners may move toward outcourse for a variety of reasons of a practical, ideological, moral, or religious nature, to limit the risk of pregnancy, as a matter of sexual preference , as an alternative to menstruation, or for medical impediments that advise against penetration at a given time.

Comparing Generations

There are few both quantitative and qualitative studies in the literature that delve into sexuality within different generations, with the aim of understanding the underlying reasons for any changes in

The sexuality of Italians


The study conducted by the Center for Social Investment Studies(Censis, 2019) provides information on a precise segment of the population, namely people aged 18 to 40, referred to as “young Italians.”
The report describes how less traditional and more transgressive sexual practices are on the rise, such as a higher number of sex partners, threesomes, paid sex, and the practices of
bondage, domination and S&M.
The latter in particular encapsulate all those sexual interactions characterized by an imbalance of power of the parties (two or more sexual partners) and the presence of physical pain as a means of obtaining and maintaining sexual arousal and are characterized by the fundamental presence of consent of all parties enacting them and very often also of key words (the
safe words) that allow the practice to be discontinued at any time.
These practices are classified as BDSM.

12.5% of Italians aged 18 to 40 admit to using BDSM practices regularly or occasionally, and 46.9% use offensive or obscene language during the sex act. Also Censis (2019) reports that in 2000, the bondage/sadomaso was being enacted by only 0.5 percent of the Italian population, showing that twenty years ago these kinds of practices were still unknown or niche, or that only very few Italians openly admitted to using them than in recent years.

The report also provides prevalences regarding contraceptive use: 15 percent of women and 8.6 percent of men admit to never having used contraception in the past year. Within millennials also, 63.3 percent of Italians admit to having had at least one complete unprotected sexual intercourse, and only 21.6 percent have always used contraception. Finally, compared to twenty years ago, fewer people currently use contraceptives.


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Prostate cancer

The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part


The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part

Vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal candidiasis is one of the most common causes of genital and vulvar discomfort among women of childbearing age, especially between the ages of 20 and 40. At the origin


Dyspareunia is defined as persistent genital pain that occurs in women shortly before or during intercourse and sometimes still present after intercourse has ended. Painful intercourse can occur for reasons

Renal failure

Renal failure refers to a condition in which the kidneys lose the ability to perform their basic function of filtering blood, with reabsorption of useful substances and elimination of metabolic

Ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts are hollow formations filled with fluid or other materials that may occasionally form within or on the surface of the ovaries at different times in a woman’s life,


Varicocele is a venous malformation that results from loss of tone and elasticity of the veins that collect blood from the testis and carry it upward into the large venous


The term amenorrhea refers to the non-occurrence or absence of menstrual flow for a period of time of at least six consecutive months. In cases of “thinning” menstruation, for example,

Endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer is a neoplasm that develops at the level of the tissue lining the inner walls of the uterus and, for this reason, is also called simply uterine cancer,


Diverticula are small pockets that can form in the lining of the digestive system. They usually occur more frequently in the lower part of thelarge intestine (colon). Diverticula are common,

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