Sexual desire in the various ages of life

It may seem easy to define it, but despite the many studies conducted, the composition of the structure of sexual desire, what elements make it up and to what extent they may influence it, is still unclear.

Panic attacks and addictions

Sometimes disorders such as panic attack can also occur in the presence of other issues such as those related to the use of addictive substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and even more so amphetamines, drugs, or drugs such as cannabis or cocaine.

Mitral valve regurgitation

It is a condition in which the mitral valve leaflets do not close tightly, causing blood to leak backward into the left atrium of the heart.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headache causes a sharp pain at the temple or around the eye, on one side of the head only, that lasts for a fairly short period of time (usually

Sexuality: the most common problems

Una sessualità soddisfacente è un elemento fondamentale della salute fisica e psichica e va tutelata a ogni età. Quando si manifestano disturbi, un sereno dialogo tra i partner e il

The toxic shock syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome is a particularly risky type of shock caused by toxins produced by bacteria (staphylococcus or streptococcus).

Medical Provisions and Peyronie’s Disease


Many principals have been used over the years to employ all possible therapeutic solutions suitable for stopping or alleviating the symptoms of what was referred to in Classical Medicine as Induratio Penis Plastica.
Since no specific drug was available that could act directly and effectively on the penile fibrous tissue caused by the disease, in addition to treatments with Vitamin E, with antioxidants and supplements, various mechanical aids, more or less adaptable to an in situ placement to create a traction and distension effect on the damaged part, came forward, among which many were difficult to apply and operate.
Penile traction therapy was aimed at limiting the penile curve and the resulting shortening, but it was necessary to refine the structure of the presidium that was to be applied, improving its tolerability and efficacy and reducing its application time.
In the U.S., researchers have developed a device that can be placed on the penis for as little as 30 minutes a day and up to just over an hour, and used in the early stage of the condition can result in a consistent reduction in the penile curve and also better preservation of organ length, which is endangered by the effect caused by the curve itself.
A clinical study conducted by a well-known U.S. clinic, the Mayo Clinic, was able to collect data on the results obtained by patients treated for several months with the device, which were published in the Journal of Urology and the Journal of Sequal Medicine.
One can inquire with one’s medical professional about the device, application and timing of use, being monitored at all times, always avoiding proceeding on one’s own with the risk of misuse of the device and consequent damage.


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The term acne is derived from the Greek word acmé or acné, meaning foam or summit, and denotes a skin disease that is widespread in the young population, characterized by

Brain tumors

Brain tumors are rare cancers that can be primary, that is, originate in the brain, or form as secondary metastases of neoplasms in other organs, such as lung or breast

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is the most common sexually transmitted infectious disease characterized by ulceration in the population. It can affect both men and women (more often), is transmitted by direct contact

Restless leg syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a chronic disorder characterized by the onset of a feeling of general leg discomfort, which occurs when the legs are kept still even for short periods


1/6 – Melanoma Melanoma is a malignant tumor that originates from melanocytes, cells that contain the pigment, called melanin, responsible for skin coloration. It can develop in the skin all

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can occur at any age in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event that has made them feel life-threatening

Neurovegetative dystonia

If you have the patience to interview a family doctor whose outpatient clinic is always very crowded, you will find that a good portion of patients are afflicted with a


The term dermatitis refers to a fairly heterogeneous group of skin diseases, largely characterized by more or less pronounced inflammation and induced by a wide variety of causes (irritation, allergic

Sleep and menopause

Sleep disorders are one of the health problems most often reported by women approaching menopause and in the period after (climacteric). The need for sleep naturally tends to decrease with

Trigeminal neuralgia

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves in the head; it is the nerve responsible for providing sensation to the face. One trigeminal nerve

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