Body weight: the dangers of fluctuations

That repeated drastic diets are bad for your health, and not just your physical health, is a well-known concept and widely reiterated by doctors and nutritionists, although not always given

Vitamin D

A new video podcast by My Special Doctor by Dr. Maria Chiara Villa and Dr. Piercarlo Salari

Cellulite: an aesthetic problem or also a clinical problem?

The outward appearance of "orange peel" or dimpled skin is considered a major cosmetic problem, to which the medical response is more oriented toward a consistent variety of specific treatments, rather than in-depth investigations of pathophysiological issues.

Tea: an original and healthy gift idea

The most anticipated holiday of the year is approaching, and we often don’t know what to give our family members or friends. Giving a tea blend as a gift could

Eat right and tasteful–always!

Whatever type of diet you follow, the advice is to always avoid excess. This is because, too often, we are unable to give up fatty food, full of sugars, salt,

Childhood obesity, are mothers to blame?

According to an Italian study carried out by researchers at the University of Padua, led by Professor Dario Gregori who works in biostatistics, epidemiology and public health, it is believed

But are smoothies always healthy?


It’s hot, you sweat a lot and lose precious fluids; thirst demands something cool, tasty and satisfying.

And here is the smoothie, a reassuring mix of various fruits, homegrown or even exotic, the pear, peach, melon, watermelon, but also pineapple, kiwi, banana, mango, papaya and many more.

Cold, velvety, fragrant and tasty it is drunk all in one gulp to quench the fire of thirst, but also to give us lots of renewed energy.

We drink it with the consciousness of “right,” because it takes, because it is so hot and because they are sips of health. But is it always true? Are smoothies that healthy?

Many lo are healthy and dietarily indicated.
“Greener” smoothies, because they are based on ingredients such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, contain no sugar or cow’s milk but at most some vegetable milk that has healthy fats.
“Redder” smoothies, because they are based on antioxidant-rich red or dark berries with limited sugar content.
Smoothies that are more “assorted” because they are based on low-calorie fruits such as watermelon and strawberries, and are rich in antioxidants and limited in sugar.

Many smoothies are offered in tourist circuits and trendy places, some of them more sophisticated ones sold as Smoothies, with lots of fruit, but of the mixed type with more substantial caloric content, they can even contain dozens of grams of sugar, becoming real calorie bombs, especially when milk is added.

So many smoothies turn out to be very tasty and inviting, especially those offered by specific commercial establishments, precisely because they contain significant amounts of added sugar and a large proportion of sugary fruits such as banana, mango and other useful ingredients to achieve a flavor that everyone can enjoy.

So, if you do not want to compromise the results of careful eating, it is best to avoid overly sugary smoothies made with high-calorie fruits and added juices.

Prefer low-calorie fruit and berry smoothies and vegetable milks, or those based on vegetables and vegetables alone, or even better those with fruits and vegetables that can ensure proper dietary intake, the necessary amount of fiber, and inflammation prevention and immune enhancement.


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