Why choose a mountain vacation

Every year during the summertime millions of people flock to major beach resorts to enjoy a well-deserved vacation under an obrellone or taking a dip in the sea. This is

2. The water environment

Buoyancy thrust and pressure. A body, immersed in a liquid, receives a bottom-up thrust equal to the weight of the displaced liquid volume.

8. Preparation for the freediving test

Before any apnea, whether it is static, dynamic or deep, it is a good idea to take a time where you isolate yourself and relax, breathing in stillness and awareness, detaching your mind as if in a kind of meditation, to clear it of anxieties and stress.

Nordic Walking

By Roberto Vallabio, instructor Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) Translated into Italian it means Nordic Walking and consists of walking with the help of special sticks. An aid that turns

7. Apnea specialty.

In addition to static apnea, which we discussed in Lesson #7, we have DYNAMIC apnea and DEEP apnea.

Introduction to apnea

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How important is sports for children

The vacations are almost over, September is approaching, and all the children are about to return to their school desks. Homework returns, friends are reunited, and the usual daily routne

3. Heart and Lungs

Knowing these two vital organs in broad strokes helps us understand how the oxygen in the air we breathe irrigates our bodies and is transformed into energy for our muscles.

Triathlon: swimming, cycling and running in one discipline


Have you ever heard about Triathlon? Most of you have probably already heard this name on TV or, almost certainly, you have come across some video on the Internet in which men and women competed in a race that combined swimming, running and cycling. And Triathlon is just that: a multi-disciplinary sport, based primarily on endurance, in which the athlete must pass, in sequence and without interruption, a new test, a cycling test and finally a running test.

This is a very demanding sport, a challenge that can only be overcome if one undergoes constant, high-level training, coupled with healthy and proper nutrition, a crucial point of any sport or discipline, to a greater extent in competitive sports.

The various distance categories

The route set by the Triathlon is not always the same, but changes depending on the total distance to be covered. It starts from the “Supersprint” in which, as the name implies, it is not so much endurance but speed that determines the winner, in which 400 meters of swimming, 10 kilometers of cycling and 2.5 kilometers of running alternate nonstop. An intermediate course is instead represented by the Triathlon “Olympic” in which you have to face 1500 meters of swimming, followed by 40 km of cycling, and then finish, again without rest, with 10 km of running. The most extreme and challenging level, suitable only for iron men and women is, as the name implies, the Triathlon “Iron Man“in which professional athletes will have to contend with 3800 meters of swimming, 180 kilometers of cycling and, to finish, an impressive 42,195 kilometers of running.

These are, especially in the last case, very demanding tests, suitable for athletes who follow a very strict training and nutrition regimen, but not only. In fact, we are talking about competitions suitable for athletes who also possess good coordination skills, having to express during their effort completely different sports gestures such as swimming, cycling and running.

The figure of the coach

Since this is a very demanding discipline, it is essential to have an experienced and certified coach who can follow the athletes step by step throughout their physical and mental preparation for the competition. In this regard, it is indeed fortunate that the team of experts collaborating on our portal includes Paolo Barbera, a Triathlon professional of the highest caliber. Barbera is a Certified Federal Triathlon Coach with years of experience in this field. In addition to this, Coach Barbera is a nutrition expert and co-founder of Active Kids, a medical center specializing in the prevention and treatment of pediatric and adult obesity and sports initiation.


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The term “gonarthrosis” refers to arthrosis that develops at the level of the knee; in terms of causes, nature, characteristics and evolution, it is completely superimposable to arthrosis affecting other

Milky crust

Milk scab, technically referred to as “neonatal seborrheic dermatitis” or pityriasis capitis, is a transient and essentially harmless dermatologic disorder that affects the scalp of many infants and infants.


The term “bronchiectasis” refers to a respiratory condition affecting the bronchi that is characterized by the presence of dilatations and degeneration of bronchial tissue, associated with the presence of “mucus


The pharynx is the muscular-membranous canal of the oral cavity that connects with the nasal cavity, esophagus, larynx, and middle ear. Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx and is


Stomatomucositis is a disease of the oral mucosa, also called stomatitis. It is an inflammation of the mouth and affects the thin inner lining of the oral cavity. There are

Liver cancer

Several types of tumors can form in the liver. The most common type of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma, which begins in hepatocytes, the main type of liver cells. Other


Cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder wall. The inflammatory process, once initiated, generates changes at both microscopic and macroscopic levels, evolving from simple congestion, through a suppuration phase, to

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is the most common sexually transmitted infectious disease characterized by ulceration in the population. It can affect both men and women (more often), is transmitted by direct contact


Xerostomia, also known as “dry Imouth” or “dry mouth,” refers to a condition in which the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to keep the mouth wet.   Saliva

Heart failure (acute)

Acute Heart Failure (AHF) is a potentially life-threatening clinical condition that can result from the worsening of an already diagnosed chronic heart failure (heart failure) or represent its onset event.

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