Nordic Walking

By Roberto Vallabio, instructor Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) Translated into Italian it means Nordic Walking and consists of walking with the help of special sticks. An aid that turns

3. Air, water, sun, plant life

Plant life is a complex recipe made possible by simple ingredients-carbon dioxide in the air, mineral salts in the soil, just enough water, light energy from the sun to activate

1. Equipment

Freediving is an environmental sport that is practiced in the water and, for this reason, requires specific equipment that gives us comfort and safety.

Jogging: an exercise for the well-being of mind and body


Doing physical activity, as everyone knows by now, is a winning choice for those who want to achieve good physical fitness, especially in the run-up to summer, but also to find a time to relax and relieve their minds after a busy day of work or study. Some sports
are not for everyone, requiring special facilities (perhaps far from one’s home), suitable equipment (often very expensive) and a teacher/coach to accompany us during exercise.

However, there is one activity that is accessible to everyone (or almost everyone) that does not involve any particularly expensive equipment or even require a special facility, but can be practiced almost anywhere and without any kind of restriction: we are talking about jogging.

Jogging, also commonly known as running, is a very simple but equally effective exercise that can bring numerous benefits to our bodies, as well as being an effective stress reliever for our minds. A pair of comfortable shoes, appropriate clothing, and a road to run on-this is all we need to practice Jogging.

Physical well-being

Starting from the physical point of view, this sport is of fundamental importance for toning muscles, especially those of the lower part of our body, firming and strengthening legs, calves and buttocks. In addition to this, practicing jogging reduces the risks related to diseases cardiovascular diseases as it improves blood pressure and increases levels of “good cholesterol” (HDL).

Running, of course, helps to burn calories, which is why it is a suitable activity (in the right ways and at the right times) for all those individuals who are intent on losing weight (in one hour of intense running you can burn about 700 to 800 calories). Jogging is also an excellent exercise to strengthen joints and increase bone density, reducing its decrease in older age. Finally, running, being a comprehensive activity that affects the whole body, brings high benefits on the cardiovascular system, and if we consider that diseases of this system are the cause of 40% of deaths, we can deduce that those who jog consistently are more likely to live longer Than those who do not practice it.

An aid for the mind

Running represents one of the most effective ways to combat the stress of daily life, a way to create a space for ourselves to exercise that can distract us from our normal activities. When you jog you get rid of your thoughts and discharge your anxieties and worries. In addition to this, those who run consistently increase the production of serotonin, which is essential for mood regulation, and the growth of self-esteem.


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