Pancreatic cancer

The pancreas is an elongated glandular organ, about 18-20 cm long, located deep in the abdomen, between the stomach and the spine. It is divided into three parts: the largest

Cancers: what are the established risk factors?

Tumors in recent years are talked about a lot: both because, Unfortunately, they are diseases that affect millions of people; both because, fortunately, biomedical research makes continuous progress in the

HEALTH: Eliminating smoking and sedentary lifestyle can prevent one in three cancers


Once again this year, as is customary to do,AIRC (Italian Association for Field Research) has kicked off the“Oranges of Health” initiative. Awareness campaigns were held in some 2,500 squares throughout the country to fund cancer research and, in so doing, facilitate the work of some 5,000 researchers all working in universities, research centers and hospitals to make cancer increasingly curable. The choice of blood oranges is due to the fact that this fruit is rich in antioxidant pigments and contains about 40 percent more vitamin C than other citrus fruits. In addition to the oranges, informational leaflets were distributed with some tips for embarking on a healthy lifestyle and especially one that can minimize the risk of incurring cancer. Let us see together what the most important councils are.

Healthy nutrition

The first basic rule, if you want to embark on a healthy lifestyle, is to adopt a balanced and varied diet. In this respect, the Mediterranean diet is certainly one of the most valued by various scholars and nutrition experts, thanks to the beneficial and anti-oxidant properties of the foods that make it up, which are useful both in strengthening our bodies and our immune defenses and in the fight against cancer prevention. Mostly under indictment are sugars, which causes an increase in insulin, from excessive consumption of pasta, bread, cakes and refined flours. A diet too rich in sugar is very dangerous for our body, in fact it creates a state of chronic inflammation that promotes the development of various diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Smoking and sedentary lifestyle

According to AIRC reports, a healthy diet alone is not enough to protect us from incurring diseases that are dangerous to our health. In fact, according to doctors and researchers, the other two factors that put our body’s well-being at risk are smoking and being sedentary. Even one cigarette a day in fact puts our bodies at risk of lung and heart disease that could prove fatal to our lives. Likewise, a sedentary lifestyle, in which any kind of physical activity is absent, contributes to weakening our bodies, making them more vulnerable and exposed to cardiovascular risks but not only. Doctors estimate that one in three cancers is preventable if you keep a proper diet, completely eliminate smoking from your life, and consistently exercise.

Life is the most precious possession we possess in the world, it would be a shame to ruin it with our own hands!


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