Hydrating with fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are our best allies against dehydration. They contain not only water but also vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps keep

Food investigations

Assessment of an individual’s energy and nutrient intake plays a very important role in evaluating the state of nutrition. Taking food is considered a form of “behavior,” which can sometimes

Drinking cranberry

So many cocktails imported from the United States contain cranberry juice. The alcohol content is variable, depending on the ingredients each bartender offers. Classic cocktail standards are those approved by

Cranberry in the kitchen

After harvest, cranberry fruits can be eaten fresh, dried or made into syrups or jams. Cranberries are used, therefore, for both sweet and savory preparations, and only 12 percent of

Eat right and tasteful–always!

Whatever type of diet you follow, the advice is to always avoid excess. This is because, too often, we are unable to give up fatty food, full of sugars, salt,

Is there such a thing as intestinal flu in children?

Sometimes the popular imagination creates expressions that, while making no claim to scientificity, render the concept or impact of a particular condition so well that they enter common usage and even medical jargon. One example is the so-called “intestinal flu“-a designation that is not among the official diseases and yet it always catches on, raising no objections, for at least two reasons. First of all, because the real flu, that is, the flu caused by influenza viruses, in addition to the respiratory tract, especially in children, can also lead to digestive disorders. Second, because the very term “influence” suggests the idea of alteration.

The danger of viruses

But beyond these linguistic disquisitions, let us see why and how really many viruses in children can affect the airway and intestines. There are basically two mechanisms: first, the most prevalent viruses have the ability to attack the mucous membranes, that is, the internal lining tissues. As much as some have a greater propensity for one district, they may in fact find different routes of access, taking advantage of some structural similarities between respiratory and intestinal mucosa. This justifies why in children even a trivial cold can be associated with digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).

Second, we should not forget that the entry of a germ into the gut often disrupts its bacterial flora, thus changing that delicate balance that is fundamental to its very functioning. Here then is the onset, once again, of bothersome manifestations, ranging from inappetence (instinctively the child has little motivation to eat because he or she associates the introduction of food with an unpleasant sensation) to liquid discharges. It may also happen, then, that a virus, by its mere presence, although not devastating, promotes the establishment or proliferation of more aggressive bacteria, which can worsen the already existing clinical picture, leading to further momentary discomfort and difficulty in the absorption and digestion of some components, including the lactose (the possible use of a lactase preparation, if necessary, will allow continued intake).

In conclusion, when we hear about stomach flu, we must always try to understand how this wording is understood: is it, in short, an actual flu that has gone beyond the airways or a full-fledged gastroenteritis? In any case, the use of a probiotic will be useful and advisable, both to stimulate the immune system and to counteract the pathogen and promote its elimination.


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