Growing old is also this.

Physical energies inevitably drop and so does the readiness of reflexes and efficiency in learning and retaining new information. One may already feel tired when waking up or down in

Sunglasses: an important act of prevention


It is not only about looks but also about health and prevention for our eyes. In fact, they too need protection in summer. Just like the skin. Yet only 15 percent of Italians always use sunglasses, while 30 percent rarely use them. And the most at-risk groups, represented by the extreme age groups, are the most exposed: 60 percent of children between two and six years old forget to wear them, and among the elderly this percentage is even higher.

Beware of the sun

But why is the sun one of the greatest dangers to our eyesight? Eighty percent of the information that reaches our brains goes right through our eyes, which are therefore always operational, in any situation. In addition to the long duration of exposure to light, however, it should be pointed out that ultraviolet rays, as is true for the skin, can damage the retina, the sensitive tissue of the eye, triggering degenerative processes over time that are responsible for declining visual acuity in old age.

That’s why sunglasses, hat and T-shirt are essential to defend yourself from UV rays, especially where there are reflective surfaces, such as sand and water at the seaside, rocks and glaciers in high mountains. Even children with corrective means, must be provided with graduated sunglasses. And remember that light-eyed individuals are the most vulnerable. Therefore, the use of certified lenses preserves the health of our eyes.

The rules to follow

1) Seeking advice from the optician, choose sunglasses according to the use to be made of them and the places to which you are to go. For example, whether it is to be worn every day, for sports or driving, whether it will be used in the city or on vacation.

2) Minimize exposure to the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

3) For nearsighted people, brown sunglass lenses are preferable, while for farsighted people, gray-green is better, with lenses that can be either graded or progressive.

4) Remember to wear glasses even in the shade and even if the sky is cloudy, to protect your eyes from reflected radiation.


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