What to eat while breastfeeding

A woman breastfeeding her baby needs energy requirements corresponding to the milk produced. A weight loss of 0.5 kg per month in the six months following delivery is taken into

Growing old is also this.

Physical energies inevitably drop and so does the readiness of reflexes and efficiency in learning and retaining new information. One may already feel tired when waking up or down in

Nutrition in old age


In Italy, about 20 percent of the population is over 65 years old. To reconcile the increase in average life span with a good quality of life, it is necessary to follow proper nutrition. There are many factors that can worsen nutrition and consequently nutrition status: loneliness, monotonous diet, chewing problems, disability, chronic illness, depression, and inadequate food.

In both sexes, changes in body composition require an adjustment in food intake proportional to the reduction in energy requirements. It is increasingly common to detect inadequate calcium intake in people over the age of 70. In the healthy elderly, there are no indications that particular foods should be eliminated, but it is advisable to reduce the usual portions, adjusting them to the personal situation. If there is no motor activity, the daily calorie intake is around 1900-2250 calories for men in the 60-74 age group and around 1700- 1950 calories for men in the over 75 age group. The most recommended protein foods are milk, cheese, legumes, eggs, fish and meat. It is, in addition, recommended to consume complex carbohydrates such as those contributed by cereals, whole grain breads, and legumes. Alcohol consumption should be kept under control, also so as not to damage the liver.

Useful tips:

  • Avoid cold and pre-cooked dishes
  • Choosing oily fish
  • Choose white meat, alternating it with seasonal cheeses
  • Eating eggs
  • Consume semi-skimmed milk and yogurt lean every day
  • Reduce fat
  • Use olive oil in the right amount
  • Reduce simple sugars
  • Frequently consume legumes
  • Avoiding foods rich in salt
  • Drink before you’re thirsty
  • Consume fruits and vegetables every day

Finally, it is important to engage in physical activity with aerobic and resistance exercises, as it promotes physical and mental well-being.

Source: Handbook of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition by Franco Contaldo et al.


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