Dyslipidemia: dietary advice

Dyslipidemias have been classified according to the type of excess lipoprotein particles in the blood. We can distinguish hyperlipidemia with high cholesterol in LDL and normal triglyceridemia. Treatment of dyslipidemia

Those strange recurring stomach aches

If we think back to our childhood, among the many experiences we are able to recall, there is certainly no shortage of at least one stomach ache: associated with classic

Childhood obesity: two “household” risks

Sitting for too long in front of a computer screen, TV, smartphone or tablet or playing playstation, especially with a high-calorie snack in hand, puts children and adolescents’ fitness and

Sports practice in diabetes and glycemic syndromes

The modern orientation toward physical activity and sports, including competitive sports, in diabetic disease is to no longer consider diabetes as an impediment to experiencing and enjoying sports and exercise.

Strength, vitality — vitamins?

Exercise, proper diet, and the right vitamins can really help you have a healthier and longer-lasting life. But how to take the vitamins so as to reap the greatest benefits?

The higher the consumption of sugary drinks, the shorter the lifespan becomes


The hypothesis had been formulated long ago: people who use two or more sugary drinks a day have an increased likelihood of risk of early death, when compared to those who drink less than one a month.

Now, however, the argument is proven by the latest study by the American Heart Association, the first to directly link sugary drink consumption with the risk of early death.

The study

The consumption habits and lifestyles of an audience of as many as 100,000 American men and women were put under observation by a team of Harvard researchers.

The study found that where higher consumption of sugary drinks appeared there was also a higher risk of early death from a variety of causes.

In particular, compared to those who claim to consume less than one per month, already consume in numbers of one to four per month raises the risk of premature death by 1 percent, while two to six per week by 6 percent, one to two sugary drinks a day can bring it up to 14 percent, while more than two drinks a day raise the odds as high as 21 percent.

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the most recurrent cause of early death related to the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. More specifically, drinking two or more sodas a day means increasing the risk of early death caused by cardiovascular disease by 31 percent, while each additional single serving increases the odds by 10 percent.

The study shows an increased risk for women women, compared with men.

The risk of diabetes

These findings are consistent with the known adverse effects associated with high sugar intake on metabolic risk factors and strong evidence that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, itself an important risk factor for premature death” commented Walter Willett, among the authors of the research.

Such evidence also provides further support for policies aimed at limiting the marketing of sugar-sweetened beverages to children and adolescents and increasing soda taxes.”


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