2. The water environment

Buoyancy thrust and pressure. A body, immersed in a liquid, receives a bottom-up thrust equal to the weight of the displaced liquid volume.

9. Compensation

With this maneuver, the apneist returns the eardrums to a neutral position, which, due to the external pressure, which reduces the volumes of the air zones of our body, would tend to introflex to the point of injury or rupture if they were not rebalanced. Ambient pressure, which increases with depth, causes a reduction in the volume of the aerial parts of our body (lesson 3), compensating the ears reconstitute the original volumes, keeping the eardrum in a neutral position.

How, how much and what to drink indoors

“The cold season is here. Fewer hours of daylight, frigid temperatures, frequent rain and a whole host of inclement weather cause many of you endurance enthusiasts to take refuge within

1. Equipment

Freediving is an environmental sport that is practiced in the water and, for this reason, requires specific equipment that gives us comfort and safety.

Combat sports: how to knock out anxiety and stress


The benefits of most sports activities go beyond purely physical ones. In fact, sports, in general, also help our mind, freeing it from anxiety, stress and daily frustrations that often generate a state of mental and physical malaise in the individual. However, there are some sports, although in this case the more correct term to use is “disciplines,” that perform this “purifying” function for our minds to a greater extent than others. We are talking specifically about combat sports!

A blow to stress

People are often mistakenly led to believe that combat sports are capable of increasing aggression and dangerousness in individuals who practice them. Nothing could be more false! Those who practice martial arts in fact, and do so involving not only their bodies but also and especially their minds, have respect, self-control, calmness and reasoning as their basic pillars. Anyone who seriously and passionately practices any combat sport can best manage their impulses and emotions, which often overpower and influence the behaviors of those who are not used to being in stressful situations ( as face-to-face combat can be ).

In fact, practicing a martial discipline helps to dramatically reduce the body’s levels of stress, anxiety and tension. The physical and mental exertion that is required to sustain the workouts provides a perfect outlet to release (perhaps by punching a bag) all the tension, anger, and negative emotions that negatively affect the individual.

Respect and tranquility

Another fundamental value that is present in all athletes who practice a martial art with passion and dedication is respect for the opponent, the master, and the place where training takes place (dojo). After punches, kicks, projections, and levers of various kinds, every bout (whether training or competitive) always ends with a hug, handshake, or simply a thank-you greeting between the two athletes. This is a fundamental aspect of martial arts, thanks to which this type of discipline is very suitable especially for children and adolescents, as it stimulates in them mutual respect and loyalty.

Finally, martial athletes have the ability to handle the unexpected events of daily life much more calmly and rationally. This is mainly because their bodies and minds are often subjected to intense stressful situations ( a grueling workout or a fight ). This practice has helped improve the body’s resilience in situations of high tension and emotional stress, thereby improving the approach to everyday life issues.


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