Can glaucoma be prevented?

The most significant prevention of glaucoma lies in having an eye examination at the onset of the first complaints or specific symptoms of eye disease.

Asthma is sensitive to the psyche

There is a close relationship between adversity in childhood and asthma risk, according to extensive research conducted by a group of pediatricians at Brown University in Providence, the U.S. capital

DEPRESSION: the end of the supremacy of drugs

From the myth of happy pills to integrated care “Like most people I thought antidepressants worked”-so begins the book by Irving Kirsch, professor of psychology at Harvard and Plymouth, now

Self-esteem and personal growth

Each individual’s self-perception is the ultimate expression of personality maturation. Self-esteem, therefore, is related to personality. Estimating oneself positively meets the need for psychological stability, which ensures adequate confrontation with

The revolution of the adolescent self

As we know, adolescence is an extremely vibrant and fruitful phase of human development in which the line between normality and pathology becomes difficult to draw.

Symptoms of depression

-Hard to concentrate and remember details or particulars . Difficulty in making decisions -Sense of fatigue and precariousness. -Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness -Humor oriented pessimism and sense of

Eight tips to combat stress

We live in a world that constantly puts us under stress! Work, study, family problems, sports, now everything is a cause for stress if we are unable to organize the

Parents and children: the Coronavirus experience


Of course it is a new experience … never happened before … exceptional … unexpected but …

On closer inspection it is all these things (new, outstanding, unexpected, etc.) only for us men and women who, thanks to a set of unhoped-for and undeserved fortunes, we have lived in this part of the world 75 years of living away from wars, famines, epidemics, etc., from all those events that is, which have always punctuated human history.

There is a lot of talk about the opportunities that are hidden behind the drastic and sometimes traumatic reorganization of our lifestyle that the moment demands: silence, calm, being with family, time–all newfound riches.

It also makes me think about which track this period. will leave in the memory of our children and how it can contribute to making us of better educators and of them stronger adults.

The virus is teaching us what the fables and myths have always known, that the world is full of pitfalls and dangers and that it is not possible to think of it without these “shadow” aspects. It is in this world made up of chiaroscuro that our little ones must learn to enter carefully and with confidence, with caution but also with the enthusiasm of discovery and news. And it is our job to equip them, not to pave the way for them but to give them the boots, the spikes, the muscle training to cope (which means etymologically to cope, not necessarily to overcome or delete) the roughness.

Children therefore do not must be kept in the dark, they must participate in the climate of attention Collective. This means making explicit and sayable what circulates in the air, what they pick up not only from the increasingly shouted television news and new rules of living, but also by our states of mind. Ultimately analysis we must always remember that we adults represent points for them exclusive reference points and that their way of orienting themselves in the world, of classify as positive or negative an experience goes through us and our way, even unconsciously, of reacting. A child may come into contact with a variety of difficulties (illness, death, fear) to the extent of to which the accompanying adult hand is firm and consistent, capable of contacting reality and to cope with it (even declaring one’s ignorance, helplessness, concern and enacting adaptive or escape behaviors). Then attention to children means attention also and primarily to us and to our unconscious reactions.

This is therefore an invitation to get in touch with us ourselves, with our anxieties and fears, and also to learn to accept them and to contain them not only by fantasizing a total solution of the problem, an erasure of it as by a miracle, but tolerating vagueness, lack of control, state of uncertainty….

If we ourselves are able to go through everything this, bathing ourselves in the flow of fear without being overwhelmed by it, we will allow our children to learn one very important thing: that it is possible to go through even harsh experiences as if it were a great and exciting adventure.

Who knows how many of today’s children struggling with the limits dictated by the corona virus will remember as adults these days as a great epic moment when, protected by the presence of mom and dad, they experienced special and unforgettable experiences.


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