Personal autonomy and competence

Speaking of personhood and autonomy, it is possible to imagine how difficult it is for these concepts to be abstract. In the world of work, there are objective limits to

We walk half an hour

Good weather encourages outdoor physical activity. If you want to engage inbasic motor activity, such as a simple walk, just devoting a half hour a day, even if every other

Separated parents and the holiday season

The Christmas vacation season, with the array of decorations and advertising icons and all the rhetoric of family and good feelings that accompany them, can prove at times and for some a kind of emotional "trap."

Couple’s understanding and the holiday season

In the collective imagination, the Christmas holidays are laden with strong rhetoric: everyone should be good and happy, families reunite in a harmonious and joyful manner, the new year represent a decisive turning point of change...

INFLUENZA: maximum peak coming up

More than 7 million Italians have been bedridden in recent weeks because of infuenza, which seems to be very aggressive indeed this year. As always, those most affected are the

Edward de Bono. Simplicity.

Edward de Bono in his book assumes that there is often an easy way to do things. In life many problems can be identified and solved in a short time,

The management of complexity

The Internet offers many insights into the theme of complexity, a web in which one can become bound with no way out. Daily life is characterized by stimuli, problems, unexpected

Fine dust, even more dangerous than previously thought

Extensive research has confirmed previously known links between short-term exposure to particulate matter and an increased risk of hospitalization and death from heart and lung disease, diabetes, and thromboembolism. But it also identified an increased risk of hospitalization for numerous conditions, ranging from sepsis to kidney failure.
These innovations are emphasized by Yaguang Wei, researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, and first author of the study: ” We discovered previously unknown links between pollution and common diseases among older people, such as alterations in fluid volumes and electrolyte concentrations, septicemia, anemia, urinary tract infections and renal failure, even when daily PM2.5 concentrations were lower than the levels indicated in air quality guidelines issued by the World Health Organization.”
For these diseases, which are rarely studied in relation to pollution, each short-term increase of 1 microgram per cubic meter in average PM 2.5 levels was associated with an average of 2,050 additional hospitalizations per year, 12,216 total days in the hospital, and $31 million in hospital and post-acute costs.
Dust produced by pollution is classified according to its size: PM 2.5 has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers and is the most dangerous to human health, being able to penetrate the pulmonary alveoli with eventual diffusion into the bloodstream. According to the aforementioned WHO guidelines published in 2005, people should not be exposed to 24-hour average levels of PM 2.5 exceeding 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air.
The team that conducted this new study examined hospital data of Medicare patients, the main medical insurance program administered by the U.S. government aimed at the elderly, from 2000 to 2012. They focused on 214 health conditions and analyzed data on average air pollution levels on the day of admission and the previous day in the location where the patients resided.
Often, people are unable to avoid exposure to air pollution, but they can still take some precautions.
Anyone, but especially those with health problems that can be exacerbated by air pollution, such as cardiovascular conditions, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), should inquire about local air quality levels and, on particularly critical days, follow the advice of experts, who suggest closing windows and avoiding outdoor exercise. “In addition,” it said in an editorial that presented the study by the U.S. researchers, “both patients and physicians should be aware of the impact that poor air quality can have on disease exacerbation in order to better understand and perhaps treat such flare-ups.
Source: Wei Y, Wang et al. Short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and hospital admission risks and costs in the Medicare population: time stratified, case crossover study. BMJ. 2019 Nov 27;367:l6258.


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Pneumonia is a respiratory disease characterized by acute inflammation of the alveoli and/or interstitial spaces of the lungs, induced by different causes that are not always easy to identify. Inflammation

Magnetic resonance imaging

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), also more simply called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is an extremely sensitive and informative diagnostic imaging technique based on the use of electromagnetic fields that are

Mild cognitive decline

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Intestinal polyposis

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Fainting is a simple term in common use that is used to describe a loss of consciousness that can occur at any time in life for countless reasons, more or


The term syncope refers to an episode of fainting, that is, a sudden loss of senses, which can affect people of any age and can be induced by a variety


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Systemic lupus erythematosus

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease that results in a state of chronic systemic inflammation, which can affect and damage various organs and systems, including the skin. The

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