Sports disciplines and the risk of shoulder dislocation

The shoulder joint is a mechanism that can provide movement in multiple directions, but precisely because of the versatility of the structure in excursion and mobility, the shoulder also presents an aspect of fragility, being exposed to a continuous risk of injury or dislocation.

Pituitary gland tumor: how to treat it

The hypophysis, or pituitary gland, is a gland located inside the skull at its base. Although it is very small, comparable in size to a pea, it plays a crucial role

The empowerment of the diabetic patient

When we talk about empowerment, we are basically talking about a slow and progressive process of health literacy, that is, an action of spreading a social concept of health, where all people have the right, but also the duty, to be well informed about health issues and the diseases that affect them.

Mens sana in corpore sano!

Even the Ancient Romans were aware of the positive correlation between exercise and mental activity. But not all sports are the same. Which sports promote mental activity and what is

Medical Provisions and Peyronie’s Disease

Some medical devices, which can be used in Peyronie's Disease, can complement the various drug therapies, or of antioxidants and supplements, with obvious results in reducing the penile curve.

Emotional skills

The learning of emotional skills requires a different methodology, since it assumes adequate knowledge of one’s emotional world and the development of interpersonal skills. The role of emotions is very

The family and the patient with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder not only disrupts the patient's life but also makes the lives of those around him difficult and sometimes painful. People affected by this disorder often have difficulty acknowledging their mental state to themselves.

Cell phone is not responsible for the occurrence of brain tumors


Since the mid-1980s, a time when the cell phone spread rapidly throughout the world, there has been speculation about a possible cell phone-brain tumor relationship as a result of brain exposure to high levels of radio frequency.

Some epidemiological, case-control studies had shown a significant increase in brain tumors related to cell phone use and, in particular, glioma, while no association was found with brain meningiomas(INTERPHONE Study Group, 2010; Hardell et al, 2011) .

Precisely as a result of these studies, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio frequencies as possibly carcinogenic (Baan et al., 2011)

In Italy, where research is sometimes carried out in the courtrooms, the 2017 decision of the Ivrea Court of Law, which for the first time in Italy recognized a causal link between cell phone use and a brain tumor, which was otherwise benign (it was in fact a neurinoma) and not on the brain, but rather on a nerve, has remained historic.

In a very recent studio conducted in Australia by a number of Australian and New Zealand universities, coordinated by Ken Karipidis, examined the trend of brain tumor incidence in three separate time periods, in order to assess both the influence of improved diagnostic techniques in this field, but especially the relationship with the increasing use of cell phones.

The authors examined the incidence of primary brain tumors during the periods 1982-1992, 1993-2002 and 2003-2013, in subjects aged 20-59 years, taken from national cancer registries. A total of 16,825 cases of brain tumors meeting the study characteristics were identified, of which 10,083 were males and 6742 were females. These data were then compared with the incidence of cell phone use during 2003-2013.

Rates of primary brain tumors remained constant in all three periods. There was only an increase in glioblastoma in 1993-2002, compared with the previous period (1982-1992), which the authors put in reaction with the improvement in diagnosis related to the increased use of MRI.

In contrast, no increase was observed for any type of brain tumor, including glioma and glioblastoma, during 2003-2013, a period there was a significant increase in cell phone use. Notably, the authors of the article report no increase in gliomas in the temporal lobe, which is the site most exposed to cell phone use.

The conclusions of the study are that there is no demonstrable relationship between brain tumors and cell phones, let alone a particular brain location attributable to cell phones.


Baan R, Grosse Y, Lauby-Secretan B, et al. Carcinogenicity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Lancet Oncol 2011;12:624-6

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Ken Karipidis et al. Mobile phone use and incidence of brain tumor histological types, grading or anatomical location: a population-based ecological study. BMJ Open 2018;8:e024489. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-024489


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