Body weight: the dangers of fluctuations

That repeated drastic diets are bad for your health, and not just your physical health, is a well-known concept and widely reiterated by doctors and nutritionists, although not always given

Cellulite: an aesthetic problem or also a clinical problem?

The outward appearance of "orange peel" or dimpled skin is considered a major cosmetic problem, to which the medical response is more oriented toward a consistent variety of specific treatments, rather than in-depth investigations of pathophysiological issues.

Obesity: dietary therapy

Obesity is defined as “malnutrition by excess, with marked increase in fat mass, of greater magnitude than overweight.” Based on excess body fat and using BMI as a reference, obesity

What is Body Mass Index?

Body weight is an expression of good energy intake. High or low weight may indicate dietary imbalances, but in addition to measuring weight, it is necessary to compare it with

Cranberry in the Thanksgiving Day tradition


The history of Thanksgiving Day is intertwined with that of the US. The New England colony was founded by the Pilgrim Fathers on November 11, 1620, when they reached the rocky shores of Massachusetts to freely profess their religious beliefs as Puritans. At first, life for the founding fathers was very hard, as they were caught unprepared by the American winter. It was too late to sow, the ground was frozen, and the settlers did not have enough food to live on. Half of the settlers died of starvation, and it was the local natives who helped them by feeding them wild turkeys, corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and berries. The charitable natives belonged to the Wampanoag tribe, who lived along the coasts of the villages that are now the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Wampanoag moved many times a year to find food: in the spring they fished for salmon and herring, and at the end of the hunting season they took shelter inland in search of protection from the rains. From December to April they lived off the food they had procured in the previous months. After sharing with the surviving pilgrims the food supplies set aside for the winter, the Wampanoag taught them how to cultivate the land in the New World. the following year, following the first fall harvest, the settlers invited their native friends to a feast, with which they thanked God that they had survived. In 1623, settler governor William Bradford decided to commemorate that event by proclaiming Thanksgiving Day. Since that time this holiday has been remembered every year in the American country.

After the American Revolution, the first Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by George Washington, November 26, 1789. Later, Abraham Lincoln set the date of Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November. Thanksgiving Day is the one national holiday that unites all Americans. It is very heartfelt and celebrated with religious services, family gatherings, and traditional meal reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving: turkey, corn, potatoes, pumpkins, and cranberry sauce are the foods that represent the settlers’ survival and today are the symbols of Thanksgiving.


The Cranberry Institute is a nonprofit organization founded in 1951 to support cranberry growers and industry in strategic areas such as agriculture, health care and environmental research. The priority goal is to foster marketing and dissemination of cultural information about the American cranberry. Supporting members voluntarily fund the institute each in proportion to their earnings. All growers who enter into agreements with supporting members also become members, receiving updates on activities carried out by the institute. The Cranberry Institute board of directors consists of 9 members who are part of major cranberry industries.

Source: The Cranberry – A fruit that never ceases to amaze by Mediserve


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Arthrosis of the hip

Osteoarthritis of the hip is also called coxarthrosis and is a chronic degenerative disease of the hip joint due to progressive disruption of articular cartilage. Hip osteoarthritis can be primary

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is aninflammation of the mucosa lining the inner cavities of the nose (nasal mucosa).

Degenerative maculopathy

Degenerative maculopathy is an irreversible disease that affects the macula, the central part of the retina. The result is a progressive loss of visual ability. There are two distinct forms

Trigeminal neuralgia

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves in the head; it is the nerve responsible for providing sensation to the face. One trigeminal nerve

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common and severe degenerative disease of the brain, characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive functions (in particular, memory and language) associated with aging. It


Chickenpox to date remains the most prevalent vaccine-preventable disease in our country. It is transmitted airborne, person-to-person, through Pflugge droplets or by direct contact with skin lesions of patients with


Goiter corresponds to the more or less bulky, protruding swelling that appears in the central anterior part of the neck mainly in people who are iodine-deficient for prolonged periods, due

Prostate cancer

The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part


The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland, several centimeters in diameter, found only in men; it is located in front of the rectum, below the bladder, and surrounds the first part


Vitiligo is a skin disease with unknown causes, characterized by the presence of skin patches that are lighter in color (or completely devoid of pigmentation) than the typical coloration of

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