End of life Manifest signed in Rome

Interfaith Manifest of Rights in End-of-Life Pathways signed in Rome. This is the work that is the result of a particular sensitivity to interreligious dialogue in health care, in the perspective

Patient empowerment

“Nothing about me, without me” “Nothing I don’t know, not without me ” This is the phrase that best expresses the concept of patient empowerment in the terms of the

Narrative medicine (preview)

Nowadays very often physicians identify patients no longer by their actual name, but by the room number in which they reside and perhaps the condition from which they suffer. It

Waiting lists

I was told that they are not accepting reservations until the end of December and that they do not yet have availability for the January lists. Is it true that

Waiting lists


I was told that they are not accepting reservations until the end of December and that they do not yet have availability for the January lists. Is it true that it is not possible to close reservations for health care services?
Yes, closing reservations (the phenomenon of blocked waiting lists), is a practice prohibited by the 2006 Budget Law, L. no. 266/05. Regions can even impose a fine of 1,000 to 6,000 euros on those responsible for the violation in such cases.

2. So what can I do if I am told at the time of booking that the waiting list for the service I need is blocked?
When you are faced with a blocked list we suggest you:

  • Report the fact by sending by A/R to the General Management of the Health Authority, to the Health Department of your region and to Cittadinanzattiva the
    to request the unblocking of the lists and the application of the fine;
  • Call the CUP to find out which other facilities can provide the service.

3. Is it true that maximum times have been set for all health care services?
No, the New National Waiting List Government Plan 2010-2012 set nationwide maximum times only for 58 health care services among diagnostic, outpatient specialty (first visits or first diagnostic tests) and some hospitalizations.
The regions in turn transpose the National Plan by indicating, in their own act, the guaranteed services and their maximum delivery times in each region.

4. Where can I find the list of 58 services and their maximum waiting times?
Details of the benefits identified by the National Plan can be viewed in the in-depth section.
For regional regulations, you can consult your region’s website or contact your ASL’s Public Relations Office.

5. In case of exceeding the maximum times, what happens?
The New National Plan for Waiting Lists stipulates that in case of non-compliance with the maximum timeframe, the company must provide the public or private accredited (contracted) facilities that ensure compliance with the timeframe; in case no public or contracted facility is able to provide the service, the health company must authorize the service under the intramural (intramoenia) regime. In this case, the citizen does not have to bear any additional financial burden, except for any co-payment (if not exempt).

6. In the case of exceeding the maximum times, then, what should I do?
The suggestion is to submit the
to request the identification of the public or contracted facility that can provide the diagnostic or specialist service within the maximum time frame or authorize the service in intramoenia without additional charges in addition to the co-pay. In the case of exceeding the maximum time for inpatient services you can use this

7. Is it true that a physician can certify that the service is urgent?
Yes, the new National Waiting List Government Plan provides the option for the physician (public service physician, family doctor, pediatrician, on-call doctor) to apply a priority code to the requested service. On the prescription it will then be able to indicate the code U (urgent) for which the service must be provided within 72 hours, B (short) within 10 days, D (deferable) within 30 days the visits and 60 days the diagnostic tests, P programmable.

8. How can citizens know their asl’s service delivery time?
Each local health company or hospital corporation must draw up the implementing business plan and give appropriate “dissemination” of it to citizens; in fact, it must be available at booking centers, company websites and URPs.

9. What if a service is not included in the waiting time government plan and the time the CUP has projected to me is too long?
If no facility in the area is able to provide that service in a timely manner, and a medical certification states that the wait is incompatible with your health condition, you can submit the
. You will have to send the form to the general direction of the Asl and the Department of Health of your region, enclosing the certificate attesting to the incompatibility of waiting through registered mail with return receipt.

10. I want to perform the service only in one facility, a large hospital, but I have verified that it does not meet the maximum time frame. What can I do?
If you decide to go exclusively to one facility, but other facilities in your ASL are able to provide that same service within the maximum time frame, there is no alternative: you must wait your turn.
The advice is to always contact the CUP in order to locate the facility that will deliver the service as quickly as possible or talk to your doctor to assess whether the waits are compatible with your needs!!!

11. I have to conduct a follow-up visit but the reported times exceed those published in the plan: is this legal?
The Plan has set maximum times for outpatient diagnostic-specialty services only for first visits and first diagnostic tests or those services aimed at identifying a diagnosis; therefore, periodic checkups remain excluded.

12. If the service I have to perform is included in the government plan but it is a checkup and not a first visit and I need to have the service in a shorter time what can I do?
If the wait projected by the CUP is incompatible with your needs talk to your doctor who will eventually certify the need for the service in a shorter time. Use the
and attach the doctor’s certification of time incompatibility.

13. Are there preferential access pathways for certain clinical areas of particular impact to citizens’ health?
Yes there are diagnostic and therapeutic pathways (PDT).
The new Wait Time Containment Plan states that regions are required to initiate preferential access pathways(PDTs or diagnostic therapeutic pathways) for 2 medical areas in particular: the cardiovascular and oncology areas.

  • The first specialist examination (cardiology or oncology examination) should be performed within 30days;
  • Appropriate waiting times between problem definition (diagnosis) and execution of the therapeutic act should be established. However, the wait cannot be longer than 30 days.

14. In booking a specialist visit that I need in a short time, I was projected a waiting time of many months. What can I do?
The new National Plan for Waiting List Governance (Official Gazette 11/23/2010 Ordinary Supplement No. 274) guarantees the provision of 58 services within specified maximum times.

Source: Cittadinanzattiva


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