We are what we eat

Our bodies grow and develop as a result of the foods we ingest. It can be said, as already proposed in the title of this passage, that“we are what we

Chronic renal failure and nutrition

When we talk about chronic renal failure , we refer to the progressive decline in glomerular function, with reduced filtering capacity of the kidney. The diseases that promote the occurrence

Edible Flowers

A new video podcast by My Special Doctor by Dr. Maria Chiara Villa and Dr. Piercarlo Salari

Libra stuck? Here are some mistakes to avoid

How many mistakes people make when they decide to go on a diet and lose weight! But which ones in particular are those that block the scale and are responsible for keeping those extra pounds from dropping off that compromise fitness and health?

What is the intragastric balloon?

The intragastric balloon is inserted through endoscopic intervention into the stomach. It induces a partial filling of the stomach, causing the subject to feel full, which turns him or her

Those strange recurring stomach aches


If we think back to our childhood, among the many experiences we are able to recall, there is certainly no shortage of at least one stomach ache: associated with classic indigestion, gastroenteritis, the intake of an expired food rather than a trip. An episode, in short, that left a memorable mark. Usually, in fact, stomach ache is an acute and mostly occasional event.

In some children, especially around school age, however, it becomes recurrent: pain attacks, in practice, recur with a fairly regular, indeed cyclical, cadence, usually monthly. Initially, one would come to think of the classic subterfuge that children resort to in order to evade their commitments and responsibilities. But what is surprising sooner or later is that these “seizures” appear regardless of school or other factors: perhaps before an outing, a party, or another pleasant moment, which the child will be forced to give up. If we then investigate further we find that in most of these cases there is familiarity with migraine. And perhaps kinetosis, i.e., motion sickness, seasickness, or similar transportation-related disorder, also emerges. What does all this mean then?

These recurrent bellyaches, which almost never miss an appointment, delineate what is known as the periodic syndrome or abdominal migraine: a curious manifestation that can last up to 72 hours accompanied by cramping in the center of the abdomen, vomiting, poor appetite, and often pallor, ringing in the ears, and visual changes. The designation of “migraine” is not coincidental considering that the gut has been aptly dubbed the “second brain” and shares with the central nervous system numerous mediators including in particular the serotonin: Indeed, it plays a decisive role in the periodic syndrome, the dynamics of which, moreover, are not entirely clear. Treatment must necessarily be individualized and, above all, must take into account any related symptoms, starting with those that may lead back to an initial and still nuanced form of migraine.

Of course, it is crucial to differentiate recurrent stomach pain from other types, for example, from that due to lactose intolerance. In fact, the latter can often take on a rather insidious character, resulting in abdominal pain, diarrhea, and sometimes vomiting not immediately after ingestion of this sugar but upon exceeding a certain threshold.


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Lactose intolerance

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