Time management

There are different ways to use time , and the worst way is to do something well that does not need to be done, wasting energy that accomplishes nothing. We

Bad habits that cause back pain

When back pain is present too many times in our daily lives, after doing all the clinical investigations to rule out specific diseases, we need to question our habits, canceling or changing those that could be the cause.

Inner motivation and personal growth

We often wonder how it is possible to preserve and Increase their motivation in a work environment that tends to be demotivating, how to maintain trust in a company that

Stop for a moment: the starting point

If you are not fit there is no opportunity for growth, in fact every individual needs to stop, to regain strength and thoughts. Today’s society seems to be pushing for


There is a lot of talk about burnout, a highly topical phenomenon in the world of work, in companies, but also in other contexts.The term “burnout” originated in the 1940s

Basal cell carcinoma, unclear which technique is best


A systematic review and meta-analysis of 40 randomized clinical trials and five nonrandomized clinical trials evaluated the efficacy and safety of treatments for basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer. At the end of his effort, Aaron M. Drucker of Brown University (Rhode Island) andthe University of Toronto, the study’s coordinator, commented on the findings, “I was very surprised by the lack of scientific evidence behind several interventions that are often used to treat this cancer.”

Drucker gave the example of curettage and electrodissection surgery, in which the superficial part of the tumor is scraped off and then the base of the tumor is burned: ” It is one of the most frequently used treatments for basal cell carcinoma located on the chest or back, but we have not found any clinical trials that have evaluated its efficacy at these sites.”

Surgical removal is widely believed to be the gold standard for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma, but the relative safety and efficacy of the various techniques are unclear.

The work of the American researchers made it possible to calculate the average recidivism rates, which were similar after excision (3.3 percent), Mohs surgery (3.8 percent), curettage and diathermy (5.9 percent), and external radiation (3.2 percent), while they were substantially higher after cryotherapy, curettage and cryotherapy, 5-fluorouracil administration, imiquimod treatment, and photodynamic therapy (PDT) with methyl-aminolevulinic acid or aminolevulinic acid.

Surgical excision without intraoperative margin assessment was associated with the lowest rates of lack of histologic clearance. Rates for other treatments were higher but inaccurately estimated.

The authors also examined patients’ reactions to the cosmetic results, which were found to be better after photodynamic therapy than after standard excision, cryotherapy, or PDT combined with laser preparation of the lesion.

Drucker AM, Adam GP, Rofeberg V, Gazula A, Smith B, Moustafa F, Weinstock MA, Trikalinos TA. Treatments of Primary Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Skin: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis. Ann Intern Med. 2018 Sep 18. [Epub ahead of print]


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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver, brought about by infection with Hepatitis C virus (HCV), of which there are 6 variants, characterized by different genotypes, different epidemiological distribution

Dentin sensitivity

Dentin sensitivityis when, in response to certain stimuli, the patient experiences discomfort or pain, acute and short-lived, that is not attributable to specific dental causes or disorders. Triggering dentin sensitivity

Mitral valve repair

Repair of an insufficient/deteriorated mitral valve can be done: Removing the malfunctioning segments of the valve leaflets; implanting “synthetic cords” (which replace the broken or “stretched” natural ones of the


The term cystitis refers to inflammation of the urinary bladder, in most cases resulting from a bacterial infection. The disorder is especially common among women, who tend to experience it


1/6 – Melanoma Melanoma is a malignant tumor that originates from melanocytes, cells that contain the pigment, called melanin, responsible for skin coloration. It can develop in the skin all


Endometriosis is a condition characterized by intense menstrual pain that goes beyond the common discomforts associated with flow. This is a very common condition among women of childbearing age that


Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease, which occurs when the lining of the large intestine or colon, and rectum are inflamed. Such inflammation produces small ulcers in the walls of


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder of the central nervous system, characterized by recurrent acute attacks (seizures), unpredictable in frequency, intensity and duration, interspersed with periods of well-being in which


The term syncope refers to an episode of fainting, that is, a sudden loss of senses, which can affect people of any age and can be induced by a variety


Adenoids are masses of lymphatic tissue that help the body fight infection. The adenoids are located in the pharynx, just behind the nose; along with the tonsils, they are the

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