Self-esteem and personal growth

Each individual’s self-perception is the ultimate expression of personality maturation. Self-esteem, therefore, is related to personality. Estimating oneself positively meets the need for psychological stability, which ensures adequate confrontation with

Daniel Goleman. Emotional intelligence.

“Emotional Intelligence” and “Working with Emotional Intelligence” represent two seminal works for modern psychology; in fact, they resonate as a necessary turning point at a time when we realized the

Children and car travel: preventing boredom

A road trip with children definitely involves ad hoc organization. Think about games to propose, bring along a tablet to entertain him with cartoons and snacks for him to munch on during the trip.

New Year’s Eve fireworks: hundreds of amputations every year


Each year, more and more people are being injured on New Year’s Eve due to bangers. The campaigns and appeals launched against their use is bringing good results, even recording a decrease in dead and injured animals, either because they were struck by the fires or through heartbreak.

Although the number of casualties seems to have decreased, firecrackers and fireworks continue to cause thousands of injuries and burns in adults and children each year. The most severe damage appears to be to the hands and face, and in 5% of cases limbs need to be amputated. Accidents not only involve those who use and handle fires, but also the people next to them, often children. Hundreds of people on New Year’s Eve invade hospital wards, sometimes sustaining irreversible damage, which obviously then affects the life and work of the unfortunate person.

If you especially love fireworks and cannot give them up, it is best to follow some tips, so as to avoid any damage: do not use firecrackers indoors and near children, if a firecracker does not work avoid forcing it to ignite and immediately throw it into a container full of water, do not handle fireworks or firecrackers near open flames, always place the firecracker on a non-flammable stand, as soon as the fire is ignited move as far away as possible.

Unfortunately, because of fireworks every year so many people die or are injured in their limbs. Shenanigans, however, are not only committed on New Year’s Eve. As we know even during other evenings, which are supposed to be pleasant it happens that someone enjoys unleashing panic, whether at a disco, a concert or an event. And sometimes it happens that there are victims.

New Year’s Eve, as well as other times of gathering, should only bring joy and merriment and avoid causing pain and death.


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Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

Adhesive capsulitis is a medical condition of shoulder suffering from both stiffness and pain. It is also called “frozen shoulder syndrome” precisely because of the reduced mobility and pain.


Rickets is a condition characterized by a severe impairment of bone mineralization, resulting in fragility and the onset of skeletal deformities at multiple levels, which mainly affects infants and children


The term “rheumatism” refers to an extremely wide and varied group of disorders comprising more than one hundred rheumatic diseases that are very diverse in terms of causes, symptoms and

Neurovegetative dystonia

If you have the patience to interview a family doctor whose outpatient clinic is always very crowded, you will find that a good portion of patients are afflicted with a


The term “gonarthrosis” refers to arthrosis that develops at the level of the knee; in terms of causes, nature, characteristics and evolution, it is completely superimposable to arthrosis affecting other

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic autoimmune-based inflammatory disease that occurs in about 30% of people with psoriasis. Like other forms of arthritis, the disease predominantly affects the joints of the

Meniere’s Syndrome

Meniere’s syndrome is a balance disorder characterized by recurrent and unpredictable “attacks” involving the onset of intense dizziness, associated with reduced hearing, whistling and buzzing. Each attack is heralded by

Ankylosing spondylitis

It can be described as a form of arthritis with inflammation in the spine that causes pain and over time, especially if left untreated, can cause a kind of attachment-fusion

Cervical arthrosis

Cervical osteoarthritis is a chronic osteoarticular condition that is very common after the age of 40-50 years in people of both sexes and from all parts of the world, due

Herniated disc

The intervertebral disc consists of a central deformable cartilaginous part, called the “nucleus pulposus,” surrounded by a containing fibrous lining, called the annulus. When the disc is young and healthy,

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