How to treat the flu

The flu is an infectious disease, caused by a virus. It presents with fever, muscle and joint pain, nasal congestion, and headache.The flu has a high contagiousness, coupled with the virus’ ability

Strength, vitality — vitamins?

Exercise, proper diet, and the right vitamins can really help you have a healthier and longer-lasting life. But how to take the vitamins so as to reap the greatest benefits?

Protect sleep by avoiding bad habits

It is known to all that good physical and mental fitness can depend on many factors, but certainly sleep is one of the foundational factors of well-being.


A dislocation occurs when there is permanent displacement of the bony ends of a joint. The symptoms of dislocation are similar to that of a fracture, so intense pain, deformity,

Ankle and foot injury

It is difficult to explain the difference between a dislocation of an ankle and a fracture. It is important that the injury be considered a fracture no matter what. It

Artificial skin with superpowers thanks to nanotechnology


A new type of sensor could lead to the creation of a skin type artificial that can help burn victims and better protect certain categories of citizens who are particularly exposed due to their professional activities: at an advanced stage of development, it was presented in an article that appeared in Advanced Materials.

The ability of the skin to sensing pressure, vibration, heat and cold are critical to ensuring safety, a function that most people take for granted: those who have suffered burns or who, for whatever reason, have lost skin sensitivity often injure themselves unintentionally.

Chemists Islam Mosa and James Rusling of the University of Connecticut and engineer Abdelsalam Ahmed of the University of Toronto are developing a sensor that can mimic the sensory properties of the skin, but not only that. “It would be very nice,” Mosa said, ” if the new artificial skin could also incorporate capabilities that natural human skin does not possess, such as the ability to detect magnetic fields, sound waves and abnormal behavior.

The team created a prototype sensor with a silicon tube wrapped in copper wire and filled with a special fluid made of tiny iron oxide particles just a billionth of a meter long. The collisions of the nanoparticles inside the silicone tube create an electric current, and the copper wire picks it up as a signal. When the tube is bumped by something that produces pressure, the nanoparticles move and the electrical signal changes. Sound waves are transmitted in the nanoparticle fluid, and again the electrical signal changes, but in a different and recognizable way.

The researchers found that magnetic fields also alter the signal in a way distinct from pressure or sound waves. Finally, when a person wearing the sensor moves, the electric current changes and produces different signals depending on whether he or she is walking, running, jumping or swimming.

This “metal skin” might appear to be a super-power similar to those possessed by comic book heroes, but researchers have designed it to help burn victims be aware again of the sensations provided by normal human skin and, possibly, help those who, through work, might be exposed to dangerous magnetic fields. The device is completely sealed by the rubber exterior and could also be used in water.

The next step is to change the shape of the sensor so that it takes on a flat, more skin-like configuration and see if it maintains the extraordinary properties shown by the test device.

Ahmed A, Hassan I, Mosa IM, Elsanadidy E, Sharafeldin M, Rusling JF, Ren S. An Ultra-Shapeable, Smart Sensing Platform Based on a Multimodal Ferrofluid-Infused Surface. Adv Mater. 2019 Mar;31(11):e1807201.


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Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is aninflammation of the mucosa lining the inner cavities of the nose (nasal mucosa).


Chickenpox to date remains the most prevalent vaccine-preventable disease in our country. It is transmitted airborne, person-to-person, through Pflugge droplets or by direct contact with skin lesions of patients with


Cutaneous mycoses are a fairly large and diverse group of dermatologic conditions determined by the colonization of the epidermis by microorganisms such as Malassezia furur (responsible for pityriasis versicolor), dermatophyte

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is the most common sexually transmitted infectious disease characterized by ulceration in the population. It can affect both men and women (more often), is transmitted by direct contact


Angiomas, also called “hemangiomas,” are benign vascular malformations involving arterial or venous capillaries and can affect anywhere on the body, but they tend to appear most often on the skin


Furunculosis is a dermatitis characterized by the presence of clusters of furuncles that tend to develop on the neck, buttocks, face and arms. It is generally due to skin infection

Peyronie’s or curved penis disease

Peyronie ‘s disease is a condition resulting from an abnormality of the penis due to fibrous scar tissue that appears on the penis changing its shape during erection, which becomes


Cellulite is an inflammatory-based alteration of the fat-rich subcutaneous tissue(panniculus adiposus), triggered by fluid stagnation due to poor venous and lymphatic circulation (lymph is a fluid that flows in channels


Candida Albicans and other related species can result in different types of infections. Cutaneous candidiasis include the condition of eroded skin between the toes, balanines the mycosis of the nails,

Bullous epidermolysis

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) corresponds to a group of rare and disabling genetic diseases characterized by the appearance of blisters and lesions on the skin and in the inner mucous membranes,

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