Time management

There are different ways to use time , and the worst way is to do something well that does not need to be done, wasting energy that accomplishes nothing. We

New method for aortic valve replacement

New method to perform aortic valve replacement proves effective in high-risk patients. The findings may increase less invasive treatment options for patients with life-threatening heart disease. A new, less invasive

Tooth/mouth injury

Biting of the lips and tongue What do? In the case of biting our lips or the tongue, apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with gauze sterile or with

Allergic skin reaction and itching

La skin is like a external barrier at body, which defends against external pitfalls, and among these pitfalls are some allergenic agents, such as the nickel, which we come in

Aortic valve repair

When aortic valvulopathy presents significant quality-of-life problems for the patient but also obvious risks of serious consequences, cardiac surgery may be necessary.

Bad habits that cause back pain


When back pain is present too many times in our daily lives, after doing all the clinical investigations to rule out specific diseases, we need to question our habits, canceling or changing those that could be the cause.
Estimates have been made about the prevalence of this disorder: an ever-increasing portion of the population, as much as 80 percent may be affected by back pain at some point in their lives.
Certain daily habits along with incorrect postural attitudes can negatively affect a person’s osteo-articular structure to the point of causing permanent discomfort.

If you become aware of this and intend to spare your body this constant stress, then you need to make some rules your own:

  • Doing exercise: the habit of not doing any exercise, either general or specifically of certain areas of the body such as the abdomen and back, can result in a wrong postural posture that gradually causes low back pain (lumbago), while instead exercises to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles can instead be a good premise for maintaining right postures that prevent low back pain.
  • Exercises such as Pilates exercises can help prevent low back pain.
  • Other physical activities such as swimming tend to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, as well as promote better cardiovascular fitness.
  • Riding a bicycle, even if it is only on the flat, keeps the supporting muscles of the back exercising through steady pedaling.
  • Simple walking, even when other forms of exercise cannot be practiced, helps to improve circulation, stress the muscle structure and protect the back in a preventive way.
  • Adopt a light diet that promotes good digestion.
  • Avoid weight gain that goes to aggravate the tolerance capacity of the vertebral structure.
  • Avoid smoking, which goes to worsen the general circulation and that near the lumbar area by limiting its supply to the vertebral muscles, and putting stress on the discs.

Finally, it may help to learn to assume correct postures recommended by expert physiatrists that can serve to prevent damage and injury in the lower back, such as, when standing, trying to keep the knees slightly flexed while simultaneously holding one foot in an advanced position so as to relieve strain on the lower back, or again when sitting, arranging yourself so as to keep the hips in a higher position than the knees.
When lifting a heavy weight, it is advisable to avoid placing the strain solely on the back, or to seek help from others for better weight distribution.


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