Omega 3 saves heart

Two large studies presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2018 and published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine save lives Monza, Nov. 11, 2018 The Omega

Free from Meningitis

On Saturday, October 20, the conference “Free from Meningitis” was held in Rome. Speakers included Piercarlo Salari, a pediatric specialist surgeon and head of the SIPPS parenting support working group,

Lumbago (back pain) as a sign of other diseases

Low back pain (Lumbalgia) is a very common symptom in the population that may depend on bad habits or inappropriate lifestyles, but sometimes it can also be a warning sign for some diseases that may choose to target just the spine and more specifically the lumbar area.

Sunscreens: fda proposes new safety rules

The Food and Drug Administration (Fda) has issued a plan – long overdue – to update product regulations for the protection sunscreen marketed in the United States. The move could

Sunshine: here are the main benefits of sunlight exposure

woman in the field

Very often when people talk about the sun and exposure to the sun’s rays, they only and exclusively highlight the negative effects this act can have on our bodies: burns, skin damage and even skin cancer. Of course, these are true risks, but they refer to improper exposure to sunlight (e.g., exposure during the hottest hours without any kind of protection for the skin or eyes). What many people ignore, however, is that sunlight also brings a very high number of benefits to our bodies, clearly linked to controlled and responsible exposure.

In fact, many scientific studies have shown that proper exposure to the sun’s heat rays also and especially benefit our skin. In fact, thanks to the sun’s rays, the skin releases a chemical compound within the blood vessels that helps lower the pressure of blood, significantly decreasing the risk of infarction o stroke (consider that deaths from strokes and heart attacks are far greater than those from skin cancer).

The beneficial effects of sunlight

Premised already on the importance of exposing oneself to the sun only at the recommended times and with proper common sense, exposure to the sun’s rays is especially helpful for the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a substance that is not normally produced by our bodies but is taken in through supplements or, much more importantly, is synthesized by our bodies precisely through exposure to the sun, and it is crucial for the development of the body as it helps to strengthen the ‘bone apparatus, improve that respiratory and is also a panacea for the system immune. Finally, it is helpful in combating the most common cardiovascular diseases.

Help for the mind as well

In addition to the already mentioned numerous benefits that sun exposure brings to our bodies, it is also important to talk about the positive effect that the sun also has on our minds. In addition to stimulating Vitamin D production, the sun is also essential for the synthesis of melanin, a substance that allows us to tan and thus achieve that amber color of our skin that we all appreciate and that boosts our self-esteem by making us feel more attractive and beautiful. Sunshine also helps to regulate sleep-wake cycles, allowing us to rest better and also is the cause of improved mood. In fact, it is precisely the sun’s rays that are capable of activating certain neurotransmitters (serotonin) that act at the level of the brain, lifting our mood, driving away anxiety, worries and negative thoughts, making us more carefree and happy.

After this list of some of the many benefits that our bodies can derive from exposure to sunlight, we need to be reminded once again that exposure to the sun should be done in the most correct way possible, at the right times of day and with all the proper protections.


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