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Stop cellulite: here are 5 useful tips to fight it


We have almost reached, at last, the long-awaited summer vacation period. After an entire year spent at work or at school desks, it is time to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. The most popular destination for everyone is, as always, the sea. Leaving aside the problem of the swimsuit test, which for many is still too high a hurdle to overcome, let’s turn our attention to another problem that specifically affects women: cellulite! What is it specifically about? Perhaps not everyone knows that cellulite is an inflammation of the connective tissue located under the skin, which in turn leads to an increase in fatty tissue resulting in deformed skin that takes on a wavy appearance commonly referred to as a “mattress” effect. There are several factors that affect the formation of cellulite, but prominent among them are both estrogen, a purely female hormone, and irregular blood circulation that causes a buildup of fluid in the areas where cellulite then forms.

Cellulite can be pathological or hereditary in nature and occurs more in women during pregnancy or menstruation, while it seems to diminish during menopause. However, let’s see what are the remedies to counteract the formation of this blemish that makes many women uncomfortable especially during the summer period when the body tends to be more uncovered.

The 5 tips to fight cellulite

1 – Time to detoxify: Cellulite makes its appearance in toxin-laden organisms. Therefore, it is good to undertake a purifying action of our body and cells so as to speed up metabolism and avoid accumulation of fatty material and consequently a decrease in skin elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to consume purifying foods to dispose of everything that is harmful to our bodies.

2 – Watch your diet: as with most diseases, the key to an efficient recovery of the body lies in a proper and varied diet, avoiding foods that are too salty and full of sugar, favoring instead the consumption of foods rich in fiber, which are useful for the proper functioning of your intestines.

3 – Sports: physical activity is essential to fight cellulite. In fact, sports help improve blood circulation, tone and strengthen muscles and tissues.

4 – Lots of water: drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself constantly hydrated is one of the best remedies in order to prevent the formation of cellulite. Taking in at least 1.5 L of water a day helps fight water retention and cleanses the body of excess substances, preventing them from accumulating in our bodies.

5 – Anti-cellulite treatments: in addition to a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and a proper diet, it can be really essential to undergo various types of anti-cellulite treatments (medical, aesthetic and natural) thanks mainly to the experience and advice of qualified people who specialize in cellulite treatment.

It is also advisable to avoid clothing that is too tight, as it obstructs normal blood circulation, and to eliminate (or at least decrease) alcohol and smoking from one’s lifestyle.


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