Vaccines, it is alarm throughout Italy

The situation in Italy regarding the vaccines: almost in all regions there is less than 95 percent coverage, a threshold that does not guarantee herd immunity. The past few days

The psychology of positive and human potential

Personality can sometimes play a decisive role in the modulating the effects of adversity. Scholars have observed individuals submissive and neurotic and gave rise to the so-called psychology of the

Holidays, Melancholy and Covid

We have said it, read it, and are experiencing it on our own skin: this year's Christmas and New Year's holidays will be different than usual because of the pandemic.

INFLUENZA: maximum peak coming up

More than 7 million Italians have been bedridden in recent weeks because of infuenza, which seems to be very aggressive indeed this year. As always, those most affected are the

Informed consent: a right of every patient

Informed consent, understood as the obligation to inform the patient, is the acceptance by a patient of medical treatment, care, therapy proposed to him or her by a physician. It

Helping independent and nonprofit research alongside Fadoi


Starting today, you can help independent, nonprofit research alongside Fadoi, the National Federation of Associations of Hospital Leaders Internists. “We believe that long-term investments and quality interventions that enhance research are essential,” says Andrea Fontanella, president of Fadoi. In particular, the role of nonprofit research is fundamental, but well-calibrated organizational models are needed to optimize it and remain competitive at the European and international level.”

A conference to present the initiative

The project was presented at the Fifth Fadoi conference, which has now become a traditional event for the Federation to analyze critical issues and perspectives of clinical research in Italy. In addition to exhibiting some virtuous models active in our country, this meeting proposed a wide-ranging discussion with top representatives of pharmaceutical companies, with a view to dialogue, collaboration and synergy between independent and industrial research.

And it is precisely because of great strides in research that life expectancy worldwide has increased. However, the Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) 2017 Report shows that over the past seven years. nonprofit research in Italy has seen a 47 percent reduction in the number of drug clinical trials. This is a symptom of a lackluster situation; more generally, as research investment in the broadest sense, we are far from the set by the European Council, which is to raise investment in research and development to 3 percent of GDP.

Our country invests about 1.5 percent in the sector, compared with the EU average of more than 2 percent. These percentage fractions actually correspond to tens of billions of euros. The coming years will be marked by major challenges, and Italy must reassert its rightful role in the international clinical research landscape.

The activities of the federation

As part of the theme on nonprofit research in Italy, in the 5th Fadoi Conference-which this year was held at the Ministry of Health-there was ample emphasis on the patient associations present and the centrality of the individual in research, highlighting in particular the fundamental role of independent research. This year, the Federation awarded the award Fadoi national award to Prof. Silvio Garattini for his commitment to research.

The congress is part of the activities of the Federation, which also periodically organizes seminars open to experts and other popular meetings for patients. It also has a study and documentation center; has a widespread presence in the territory; promotes and implements research projects in the field of health; and also organizes refresher and training courses. Fadoi’s goals also include dialogue with institutions to emphasize the figure of the physician and researcher, as well as to develop projects for the benefit of patients and their families.

For all the info on Fadoi, you can consult the website

Pictured: Andrea Fontanella on the right presents the 2017 Fadoi National Award to Silvio Garattini on the left.


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