Inadequate nutrition?

A proper diet that is complete in terms of the nutritional components of foods, with the right levels of sugars, and based on non-harmful products will ensure proper daily energy.

The diet for longevity

Certain foods can provide the bulk of the nutrients the body needs as it ages. Here are some of the best resources.

Drinking cranberry


So many cocktails imported from the United States contain cranberry juice. The alcohol content is variable, depending on the ingredients each bartender offers. Classic cocktail standards are those approved by the IBA (International Bartender Association).

Cape Code High Ball


3/10 of vodka

7/10 cranberry juice

Decorate with lime wedge.

It is the progenitor of a family of cocktails dedicated to the scents of the CAPE CODE peninsula. Along the very long beach one can find abundant cranberries. It is a sweet cocktail and simple to make. It is served in a tall glass filled with ice.

Sex on the beach


3/10 vodka

1/10 peach liqueur

3/10 orange juice

3/10 cranberry juice

Very tasty drink, very fruity and quite acidic. Preparing it is simple in fact you have to shake the vodka, peach liqueur and orange juice for a few seconds and pour it into a glass filled with ice. Finally, add a teaspoon of cranberry juice and decorate with an orange slice.



5/10 of vodka

2/10 cointreau

2/10 cranberry juice

1/10 of lemon juice

The basis of cosmopolitan is vodka with cranberry juice. There are several variations of the cocktail in which cointreau, triple sec, lime juice or lime juice can be combined in different proportions. The alcohol content is mitigated by blueberry juice.



2/5of vanilla vodka

2/5 of cointreau

1/5 lime juice

1/5 of cranberry juice

The megapolitan is Miami’s variation of the cosmopolitan. He has had a lot of success with the series “SEX AND CITY.” It is Madonna’s favorite drink and is served in the martini glass

Sea breeze


1/5 vodka

2/5 cranberry juice

2/5 grapefruit juice

1 shot of lime juice

1 tablespoon of sugar

It is the drier variant of the Cape Code. It is mostly drunk as a December 25 aperitif and is decorated with a sprig of cranberry.

Suggestion: accompany with salmon croutons

Cranberry Martini


7/10 dry gin

2/10 dry martini

1/10 cranberry juice

Lemon wedge

It is necessary to moisten the rim of the martini cup and gently rest it in the caster sugar. Next put all the ingredients in the mixing glass, let the contents cool and serve in the with a squeeze of last of lemon.

Source: The Cranberry – A fruit that never ceases to amaze by Mediserve


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