Couple’s understanding and the holiday season

In the collective imagination, the Christmas holidays are laden with strong rhetoric: everyone should be good and happy, families reunite in a harmonious and joyful manner, the new year represent a decisive turning point of change...

Autism : can shared treatment protocols be developed?


No contact with reality, inability to interact and communicate with others, difficulty in speech, rigidity of movements: these are some typical manifestations of autism, a disease whose knowledge is still limited in the world, especially in low- or middle-income countries, while in high-income countries there is much investment in research. To redress this imbalance, a project was born at the “Bambino Gesù” hospital in Rome to create a international network of physicians and researchers engaged in the development of therapeutic protocols for use in shared.

Source: Recreation Center

The jesus child project

Over four years, physicians and researchers from twenty countries and four continents will collaborate on research to disseminate evidence-based best practices among clinical centers in low- and middle-income countries. Based on the studies that each network member will carry out in his or her area of focus, the following will be developed diagnostic and therapeutic protocols that can be applied in any social and cultural context. At a later stage, local operators will be remotely trained to implement sustainable protocols.

What is autism

What is autism? Autism-or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by an atypical organization of certain mental functions and related areas of the brain. The origin is genetic, but environmental factors, su ch as exposure to pollutants during pregnancy, are also implicated. More risk elements are the advanced age of the parents (especially the father), low birth weight or strong prematurity.

autistic childrenSource: Free News

Incidence and characteristics of autism

In Italy, autism involves about 500,000 families; worldwide 1 in every 100 children has an autism spectrum disorder. The probability of a child being born with autism exceeds 1%, with a higher prevalence among boys than girls (the ratio is 4 to 1). The onset is early (between 14 and 28 months) and lasts throughout life.

About 50% of people with autism have a cognitive disability. In general, autistic people manifest a special focus on certain sensory stimuli, have a predisposition to repetitive behaviors and rigid routines, and also have a poor aptitude and motivation for reciprocal social interaction. Autism, in fact, impairs the ability to interact and communicate with others.

autistic child

Source: Irpinianews

Treatments for autism

Early intervention is crucial: specialized, multidisciplinary teams today are able to make diagnosis as early as 2-3 years, to 4 in the most complex situations, and then adopt the most suitable on a case-by-case basis. There is no cure for autism, but there are treatments, such as “parent training,” that significantly improve symptoms and quality of life. Just at the “Bambino Gesù” children’s hospital, “parent-mediated cooperative therapy” has been carried out for years, targeting the entire family unit and involving the child from preschool age, sometimes immediately after diagnosis. The course lasts 6 months: starting with one session per week and ending on a monthly basis.


Source: For Us Autistic People

by Piercarlo Salari


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