The clothing to avoid in case of Cellulite

When we talk about Cellulite prevention, in addition to dwelling on eating habits, exercise and lifestyle, we must also dwell on one of the aspects of daily life: the way we dress.

The support of the foot during running

Running is one of the most popular physical activities for several reasons. Primarily because it does not require any kind of special or even expensive equipment, the only thing you

6. Relaxation

Apnea is a discipline that greatly helps us to know ourselves and whose purpose is to savor sensations of pleasure and well-being in the water. Many factors can create states

2. The water environment

Buoyancy thrust and pressure. A body, immersed in a liquid, receives a bottom-up thrust equal to the weight of the displaced liquid volume.

Introduction to apnea

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Water sports

We have now reached the height of summer. Temperatures are beginning to rise relentlessly and the heat is beginning to take its toll, especially on those who practice sports. Running,

Exercise and happiness: how movement improves our mood


It is known by everyone now that thephysical activity, if carried out correctly and with passion, brings countless benefits to our body, both from a physical point of view (improvement in movement, elasticity and tone of muscles and joints, as well as benefits to the cardiovascular system) and mental, such as reducing stress and anxieties arising from the problems of daily life. But sports, and physical activity in general, do much more. They are indeed the bearers of happiness!

The University of Cambridge study

Revealing this theory were experts at theUniversity of Cambridge in England following analysis of the results of a 17-month study of more than ten thousand individuals. The experiment was carried out through a cell phone app with a dual function. First, it aimed to measure an individual’s physical data during sports activity (beats, breathing, etc…), but in addition to this it also analyzed people’s mood by means of a questionnaire to be submitted to the subjects, in which they had to specify what they had done in the 15 minutes prior to the questionnaire.

It appeared early on that individuals who had engaged in physical activity in the quarter hour prior to the questionnaire recorded significantly higher levels of happiness, as opposed to those who had not engaged in any type of exercise. In addition, the subjects said that, in the long term, physical activity improved their overall satisfaction with their lives.

The secret of happiness, endorphins

But what happens to our bodies during a physical activity, and why do we feel a deep state of well-being and mental fulfillment ? The answer may lie in endorphins, released especially during physical activity and movement. These are chemicals produced by the brain in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and they have many properties and positive effects on the body, including:

  • Give physical and mental well-being, accompanied by cheerfulness and euphoria
  • They increase our sense of satisfaction and make us more optimistic
  • Alleviate hunger
  • Promote sleep
  • They increase our pain threshold
  • They improve our ability to concentrate and learn

For this reason, physical activity is also associated with a substantial increase in happiness in individuals who practice it consistently. Physical activity means not only sports, but also movement in general, such as a simple walk or bike ride. These are all activities that help break down the stress, anxiety and tensions of everyday life, which are certainly present to a greater extent in individuals who are sedentary and reluctant to exercise. So get moving and be happy!


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