Sudden pain in the child

Children who complain of pain during sleep hours resolve in a short time without the need for special treatment, but sometimes the cause may be there and must be identified quickly to prevent worsening of symptoms.

The different ages of pregnancy

What is the best age to get pregnant, the best time? Women, who have become mothers, will surely have different views, and different experiences are important to understand a little more about the complex world of pregnancy and its complex aspects.

Anemia in children

Anemia is the clinical condition in which the hemoglobin rate is less than the third percentile relative to the patient’s age group. Symptoms appear in relation to the rapidity of

The approach to pain in the child

How should we react when our little one complains of some kind of physical pain? The wise and recommended thing to do is to consult your pediatrician before giving your

How is the Advocacy model expressed?

We can imagine that among the advocacy activities conceived as social justice, the midwife/midwife is called upon to perform counseling, foster early mother/father and child attachment, promote breastfeeding, and support

Between the digestive system and the immune system: the gut in the early ages of life


The bowel, anyone would say, is the body in charge of the digestion and assimilation: its conformation to tube and its motility, in fact, enable it, thanks to enzymes, to break down ingested foods into their individual components (so-called nutrients), absorb them into the circulatory stream, and finally “push” unusable food residues so that they are eliminated in the form of feces.

The gut as an immune organ

Nothing to object to except for the fact that in this cursory overview another function no less important than those described has been omitted: the gut, in fact, is also an immune organ whose task is crucial in the early ages of life. Let us reflect for a moment: the absorbent mucosa, which in the adult individual has an area of as much as 400 square meters, can be considered on a par with the skin. Similarly to it, in fact, although it constitutes the inner lining of the intestine, it is constantly in contact with what comes from outside and thus plays a role as both a sentinel and a barrier.

The wall of the intestine, on the other hand, is rich not only in blood vessels, which receive nutrients and distribute them to all tissues of the body, but also in lymph vessels, where lymphocytes circulate. In fact, these particular highly specialized white blood cells, after forming in the bone marrow, need to be “trained” to perform their defensive task and find precisely in the digestive tract the optimal site for their break-in, also thanks to the presence of the bacterial flora.

A protection for the little ones

In the young child, then, let us not forget that the introduction of any new food is perceived as a potential aggression. In practice, the immune system cannot distinguish between a virus and a food protein, but thanks to special systems it develops what is known as tolerance: that is, it suppresses the mechanism by which contact with various foods would trigger the reaction underlying intolerance, namely the allergic response.


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Cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder wall. The inflammatory process, once initiated, generates changes at both microscopic and macroscopic levels, evolving from simple congestion, through a suppuration phase, to

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Colorectal carcinoma is the malignancy that most frequently affects the colon, rectum, and appendix. It is the third most common form of cancer in the world. It is characterized by

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Food allergies and intolerances

Physical reactions to certain foods are common, but for the most part they are caused by afood intolerance rather than a food allergy. A food intolerance can cause some of


Salmonella infection or salmonellosis is a bacterial infection that affects theintestines. This bacterium inhabits the intestinal tract of animals andhumans and escapes to the outside with theexpulsion of feces. It

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